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She Gets the Girl meets Cool for the Summer in this fresh and breezy, queer YA rom-com debut that is set at summer camp.

Rising seniors Juliette Barrera-Wright and Priya Pendley have always tolerated each other. Ever since elementary school, the girls have mutually agreed to endure each other's presence in the overlapping parts of their lives, and once a year, Juliette attends Priyatopia--Priya's over-the-top birthday party that seems to get more and more lavish with every passing year--with the rest of their high school class and even brings her a gift.

Juliette acquiesces the spotlight to Priya all year long in exchange for her moment in the sun at Fogridge Sleepaway Camp--the place where no one is "too much." Entering her final year as a camper at Fogridge with the prestigious title of North Star, Juliette's ready to forget about Priya and enjoy the outdoors, her fellow campers, and an environment where she gets to be more than a side character. But her hopes for a Priya-free summer are shattered when her rival shows up at Fogridge on move-in day and is assigned to be her roommate.

Juliette's perfect summer continues to spiral out of control when everything that could possibly go wrong does and she is forced to spend even more time with the person she thought she couldn’t stand. But as she begins to see a new side of Priya, she’s forced to grapple with a new and unexpected feeling…love?

  • Pages: 304 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Viking Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN: 9780593622698
Penguin Teen