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Dumplin' meets Daisy Jones & the Six in this split-POV love song to country idols, romantic road trips, and queer love.

They say to never meet your idols. But they never said anything about upending your life for a quest designed by one.

Seventeen-year-old aspiring journalist Darren Purchase has been a lifelong fan of country music legend Decklee Cassel, who’s as famous for her classic hits as she is for her partnership with songwriter Mickenlee Hooper. The same Mickenlee who mysteriously backed out of the limelight at the height of their careers, never to be heard from again. Now, Decklee’s televised funeral marks the unveiling of her long-awaited time capsule. But when it’s revealed to be empty, a long trail of scavenger hunt clues unfolds, leading to a whopping cash prize for whoever finds the real capsule. Darren knows there’s a story there—and she’s going to be the one to break it. Even if it means a spontaneous road trip with her coworker, Kendall.

Flashback to 1963, where a young, runaway Decklee has her sights set on fame and glory. As she claws her way to the top over the years that follow, it’s Mickenlee’s lyrics that help rocket her to stardom. But as their relationship evolves beyond the professional, it threatens everything Decklee has worked for. What else will she sacrifice to hold on to her dreams?

Told in alternating perspectives, Every Time You Hear That Song is a queer coming-of-age story celebrating country music, complicated women, and living authentically. There’s more to Decklee’s story than Darren ever could have guessed, but the real story she has to tell is her own.

“Jenna Voris beautifully explores the high and low notes of fame, showing that there's no shame in wanting people to know your name, but the choices you make to reach that goal are what really matters. A must-read for anyone who loves layered characters, true-to-life personalities, and country music!”—Jason June, New York Times best-selling author 

"I absolutely loved this romantic, page-turning adventure about loving people and places who cannot love you back on your terms. If you've ever tried to make yourself smaller for a world that was never meant to contain you, this book will be a balm to your soul."—Dahlia Adler, author of Home Field Advantage
Every Time You Hear That Song is the literary equivalent of hitting the open road with the windows down and the radio blasting. A powerful, moving anthem for anyone who’s dared to dream big and grow new roots while discovering the meaning of home. After devouring this book, I’m officially in my Jenna Voris era.”—Brian D. Kennedy, author of A Little Bit Country and My Fair Brady

“The scavenger hunt book of my dreams! Every Time You Hear That Song is a love letter to the strong hold music has on all of us and the magic that comes with sharing it. I loved following Darren as she hunts down the ultimate prize and finds herself along the way.”—Jenna Miller, author of Out of Character

Every Time You Hear That Song takes readers on a captivating journey across miles and decades, as two young women chase their dreams and discover who they are. With the fast-paced storytelling and lyrical prose of the best country songs, this book made me a Decklee Cassel and Jenna Voris fan for life!”—Kaitlyn Hill, author of Love from Scratch and Not Here to Stay Friends

  • Pages: 320 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Viking Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN: 9780593623398
Penguin Teen