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Cover Reveal: The New Camelot

The end is nigh! The final book in the Emry Merlin trilogy, The New Camelot is coming and just how the world of magic, wizards, courts, and romance ends … you’ll have to read in August 2024. But for now, this gorgeous purple cover, joins The Other Merlin and The Future King for a stunning series look!

Read more about the The New Camelot below, then scroll down to see the beautiful cover and don’t forget to preorder your copy now!

Sayeth it ain’t so! The finale to the epic Emry Merlin trilogy is here, with all the sorcery, snark, and high stakes that made The Other Merlin one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year!

Everything is finally going right for Emry Merlin. Now that Arthur is the king and her wayward magic is under control, she’s enjoying life as Camelot’s official court wizard—and as Arthur’s girlfriend.

But when an unexpected visitor arrives at court, Emry finds her hard-won position threatened. And Arthur is torn between listening to his advisors and following his heart. Even more troubling, war is on the horizon, with King Yurien’s access to dark magic ensuring Camelot’s doom. That is, unless Emry, Arthur, and Lance can find a way to defeat the evil sorceress Bellicent with magic from her own world. But undertaking a quest to Anwen is perilous business, and our young heroes will face many obstacles on their journey—from dangerous beasts to suspicious nobles to cursed maidens determined to find someone to marry.

Can Emry and Arthur save their kingdom and fix their relationship, or will they have to choose between their future and Camelot’s?

Penguin Teen