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Pack your bags for Whisper Cove in SECRETS SO DEEP by Ginny Myers Sain!

Secrets So Deep by Ginny Myers Sain is a dark, supernatural thriller guaranteed to send chills down your spine as you enter Whisper Cove’s mysterious beaches and highly-competitive theater program!

We asked author Ginny Myers Sain what we should pack before we head off to Whisper Cove. Here’s what she said!

Hi. I’m Ginny Myers Sain, author of SECRETS SO DEEP. I’m so excited for you all to read this dark and twisty story about a girl searching for the memory of her mother at the foggy, seaside theatre where she drowned 12 years ago.

To celebrate, Penguin Teen challenged me to share ALL the things you’ll want to make sure you bring with you for camp at Whisper Cove Theatre. So, here’s what’ you’ll need if you want to join Avril, Cole, Lex, and the others for their two-week theatre intensive.

  • A Notebook: Important for taking rehearsal notes from your brilliant director, Willa Clulver.
  • A Beach Towel: Because sand gets everywhere.
  • A Flashlight: Did we mention the fog at night?
  • Headphones: To block out the whispering.
  • A Good Sense of Direction: You’ll need to find your way to the barn, even if it isn’t where it’s supposed to be.
  • Your Own Memories:  Because if you don’t have them, Whisper Cove will create them for you.
  • A Lucky Charm: Cole has his seaglass. What will keep you safe at Whisper Cove?

All packed? Perfect! Grab your things and remember to snag your copy of Secrets So Deep here!

Penguin Teen