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Read a sneak peek of THE ENCANTO’S DAUGHTER

Calling all royal fantasy fans! Get ready for The Encanto’s Daughter, coming to shelves March 5.

A young woman claims the throne of a realm inspired by Filipino mythology in this YA romantic fantasy, the first in an enchanting new duet by #1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz.

Scroll down to read a sneak peek, and preorder your copy here!

I knew who they were immediately. More importantly, I know what they were. Encantos. Also called fairies, but in my father’s language: encantos or engkantos. Magical creatures hidden from the human realm. There were many types-diwatas were female forest and mountain spirits and human in appearance; dwendes were akin to dwarves. These were mostly munduntugs-hunters.

One of them stepped forward. Dark hair curled underneath his pointy ears. “We have very little time to waste,” he said, his voice a melodious whisper. “Your father, the king, is dead. You’re in grave danger. We can protect you, but you must come with us.”

“Right now?” was all I managed to say. My mind was spinning. My father is dead, I’m in danger, I have to go with them. No, I needed to talk to my mother first. This was why we had been running all my life. To keep me safe from my father’s world. And now his world had come out of the darkness and found me.

“There’s no time,” insisted another. Two of them stepped toward me.

The first repeated himself. “Come with us. Now.”

“But my mother . . .” I began. I couldn’t go without her. She needed to know where I was, what had happened.

One of them took my arm. “You must,” the creature declared. “The others will be here soon.” The cloak moved aside when she reached out to me, revealing an iridescent wing folded at her back. She was from the flying battalion, then. They had sent the best hunters to fetch me.

“All right,” I said slowly. “But what about . . .”

“Your mother will be informed.” She looked anxiously at the others.

The one who seemed to be in charge spoke again. “Of course. Now follow . . .”

Before he could finish, a giant gust of air blew in, like a storm coming right through the building. We all shielded our eyes but were otherwise frozen in place, stunned by the swirling wind.

The female hunter yanked on my arm and began pulling me away. She shouted to the others: “Run!”

Just as we began to move, I felt her lurch away from me suddenly, and she was gone.

The air settled, revealing another group of fairies-a group of patianaks, with sharp teeth, shimmery skin, and wings as black and glossy as a raven’s. They were the fiercest and most unforgiving of the encanto warriors. I shuddered.

The hunter who’d been holding me was on the floor. One of the patianaks stood over her, his sword driven right through her torso.

Horrified, I stumbled backward, frantically trying to figure out which direction to run in. But everywhere I looked, there were more of the enemy.

The patianaks slaughtered the winged munduntug battalion with ruthless efficiency.

Back down the dark hall was better than whatever was going on here.

I turned to run, but as I did, strong arms wrapped around me.

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