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The 5 Types of AN EMBER IN THE ASHES Fans You’ll See at The Bookstore

Fans of Sabaa Tahir’s fantasy debut An Ember in the Ashes are a unique and excellent bunch. Dubbed Emberlings, these readers have shown their love in countless ways for the characters, adventure, romance and magic that An Ember in the Ashes seriously delivers on. Now that the sequel A Torch Against the Night is here, the Emberlings are immersed again in the world that Sabaa Tahir has crafted.

For all the fans out there, we rounded up the 5 kinds of Emberlings you can find at your local bookstore so you’ll know who your people are!


The Bookstagrammer

Their are props on point and their lighting is perfect. Wherever they are, they’re ready to #bookbrag.


Just look at that aesthetic.


Serious sparkler envy.


Book and boat part two👌🏼⚓️📖

A photo posted by Maya (@whenlifegivesyoubooks) on

This looks like our ideal summer afternoon.


The Artist

These talented Emberlings can be found with their pencils close at hand, hard at work on their GORGEOUS fan art.

Just look at this precious cinnamon roll and her orange!

Look at that gorgeous mask on Helene!



The Shipper

Whether they’re for the warrior love of Helias or all about that Elaia ship, these Emberlings know that the Martial Empire is the best place for romance.

Because who can resist a couple with skims?!

But Elias and Laia are so sweet!

Whichever way we go, we can all agree that Elias is the best book boyfriend.


The Fan Mixer

With a keen ear for music, these reader DJs have the perfect mix for your next re-read.

The perfect indie rock reading vibe.

For when you’re ready to take on the Trials.


The Can’t Evens

At the end of the day, all Emberlings CAN’T EVEN.  Too many feels, too many questions, we just CANNOT!

News of the sequel gave us LIFE.

So. Many. FEELS.

We have our tissues at the ready.



There you have it, some of the beautiful ways fans have shown their love for An Ember in the Ashes!


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