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The Sisters Before Misters Book We’ve All Been Waiting for Is HERE

“They were a wall of clenched teeth and clasped fists, of blood hot with fire and fight, of voices barely cinched in throats.”

FUN FACT: Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That’s right. It’s almost as underrated as National Fresh Spinach Day (March 26!) and other misunderstood annual treasures. You’re welcome. (*cough* we mean. ~ Yarrrr ~ welcome. *drops mic*).


BUT if you find you’d rather not spend the day getting judged by confused passerby for your new, unique vocabulary, you can always pledge your loyalty to the cause by joining us for an adventure on the seas instead.

“Adventure on the seas? Piloted by whom?” you ask (quickly followed by pondering why you just used the word “whom” and whether or not you used it right).

“Ha!” we say, setting down our canon and eyepatch. “By a bunch of badass lasses, of course!” (so…badlasses?)


Welcome to Seafire, my friends.

More importantly, welcome to our new favorite sisterhood. These ladies have knives, spunk, oh—and a fleet of angry men chasing them.

“They’d send more after you than a dozen ships. Aric would never let it be said that any of his fleet might be bested by a clip of girls.”

Sounds fun, right? Bookstagram seems to think so too.


Some suffered a good kick in the feels.


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One of the greatest finds of this summer was #seafire from @penguinteen I received a gorgeous PR box with a sticker, which I will treasure. It was the best mail ever. 🌊🌊🌊 But now onto the review: Seafire delivers a crew that makes you so emotional from their first entrance. Each character speaks with such clarity. I can see them so perfectly in my head, even if not in image, but in their personality, their presence on the book. But the seas are a dangerous place and so is rebellion. I cried when tragedy befell my precious clip – I mean crew. It’s that punch-you-in-the-gut! . . . #books #booknerdigans #igreads #readersofinstagram #instabooks #booklove #unitedbookstagram #bookreviewer #bookreviews #bookstagram #yareader

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Other felt #blessed by the books existence


An immediate re-read by the water was necessary.


Some were honestly just shook by the cover

(and are apparently harboring alarming secrets about seashells).


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Hello bookdragons!📚✨  But anyway I have a book to review! . I was shaking so hard when I finished “Seafire”. Maybe it was the lack of breakfast, but each of my arms had goosebumps and I couldn’t take my eyes off the book. It’s was a glorious read❤️ With the amazing girl gang, it was perfect to begin with, but every battle they fought was fiercer than the next. I had some issues with Cala because she was super edgy and thought her big secret would know the shoes off everyone’s feet😂. But in order for characters to be real, flaws are required and I quite liked her😊 What i deeply respected was that the author made Cala hate Oran for most of the book until they become allies. Insta love is something that gets boring quickly and I appreciate a good hate to love romance💖 In all this book made the love the ocean more than ever and want to join a ship crew. I cannot wait for the sequel!😁 . . Please read this book if you have a chance and keep your eyes open for a new post! See ya next time bookdragons!📚✨ . . . . . . . . . . #bookish #seafire #nataliecparker #bookshelf #grimdragon #creativebookstagram #septinbooks18 #allthebookssept18 #septbookstagram18 #bookishcandles #readwritegram #fearyournovelseptember #faerietalefeatures #whattoread #ampersand2018 #currentlyreading #stacksaturday #socksunday #bookishfeatures #bookstagram #fantasy #bookinstagram #books #readersofinstagram #read #bookworm #book

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Some found the book so good they forgot to eat breakfast!


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》 Sisterhood is survival. . 🇬🇧 Sometimes books remember me I should love myself more. And sometimes I need to remember myself who I am and what I can do: I’m strong, sometimes scared, anxious, gentle even when I shouldn’t. I’m determined, with a lot of dreams, ambicious. I don’t let the world push me around just because I am a woman. I don’t let anyone tell me what I should dream or, worse, I should redefine my ambitions. I’m unique. And I’m a feminist. So today let’s remember all together that everyone is beautiful. Everyone is worthy. . 🇮🇹 Ci sono volte in cui i libri mi spingono a ricordare ciò che sono. Chi sono. Oggi, ditemi chi siete voi. ♡ Io, invece… sono determinata. Ambiziosa, piena di sogni, forte. A volte debole perchè ansiosa, ma mi spingo sempre al massimo. Non permetto a nessuno di calpestarmi, di dirmi cosa dovrei fare o essere, non permetto che mi si dica che dovrei “accontentarmi” o ridimensionare le mie ambizioni. Ci tengo alla mia autonomia e indipendenza, sono intelligente e capace di cavarmela da sola. Sono unica. Tutti lo siamo. Tutti dovremmo ricordarci, a volte, di amarci un po’ di piú. Oggi facciamolo. 🎐 #seafire #bookishfeature #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #lovebooks #currentread #currentlyreading #readingislove #bookpassion #bookporn #bookpandemic #bookpile #booklove #booklover #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookish #bookgasm #bookstagram #bookworm #totalbooknerd #becauseofreading #booknerdigans #libridaleggere #libridaamare #lettricecompulsiva #bookdragon #bookaccount

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WARNING: It seems at least one copy has attracted spontaneous lightning strikes.

Or cool photo editing techniques. Who’s to say?

Penguin Teen