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Top 6 Reads for Bookish Adrenaline Junkies

We’ve all read one of those books that made our heart start jumping around our chest. We’ve all fallen right off our comfy reading chair in horror as that plot twist we didn’t see comin’ just POPPED OUT OF NOWHERE. It’s one of the things that gets us absolutely HOOKED on a good book, so let’s talk about some books that will have your adrenaline pumping!


1. The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe 


Prepare yourself. The release date for this one is only two months away, and Poe’s epic escape from her enemies combined with a heartstopping plot for vengeance will have your adrenaline going CRAZY.


2. The Truth and Lies of Ella Black


Who do you trust when you can trust yourself? This dark, twisty tale will have you and your adrenaline guessing every step of the wayComing February 12th!


3. Seafire 


Caledonia and her girl crew’s shocking chase through Bullet-infested seas is one big surge of adrenaline that you probably won’t come down from until Steel Tide finally hits shelves!


4. Wildcard


The first two thirds of this book will have you on the edge of your seat. The last third will have you FALLING OFF IT. None of us could handle the final match between Emika and a certain someone who’s name we can’t tell you because SPOILERS!


5. The Project Nemesis series


“Reichs knows exactly how to mix action, suspense, and characters into a breathless read.” —Marie Lu

That’s right, folks. Speaking of Wildcard, this book even had Marie Lu breathless. This jaw-dropper of a trilogy is coming to a explosive conclusion March 5th!


6. The Valiant series


This is a hard one to beat because THE ENTIRE SERIES is one big wave of adrenaline. Between the battle, the sisterhood, and let’s not even talk about Cai, we are in love and invested in every moment of this trilogy. The final installment, The Triumphant, is coming February 12th!




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