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ZODIAC Re-readers: This is your character and house guide! *SPOILERS AHEAD*


Thirteen Rising, the final book in Romina Russell’s Zodiac series, is almost here, and we’re getting you ready by giving you an in-depth look at the twelve houses of the Zodiac, including a reminder about each of the characters. Luckily, Romina was here to provide us with all of the info that you need to know.


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Strength: Military

Guardian: General Eurek

Flag: Red

Zodai: Majors


General Eurek (BM): The Guardian of Aries has been placed under house arrest by the junta of warlords that took over the Ariean government, but in BM he’s finally back in action. Description: black skin, orange-red eyes, tall and muscled physique.

Skarlet Thorne (BM): A Risers’ rights activist and Hysan’s date to the Tomorrow Party’s royal ball. Description: Bronze brown skin, curved cat-like eyes, flawless statuesque figure.



Strength: Industry

Guardian: Chief Executive Purecell

Flag: Olive green

Zodai: Promisaries


Chief Executive Fernanda (WS): The Guardian of Taurus is overprotective of Risers because her father was one. She’s famous for instituting 4-day weekends on Taurus. Description: dark skin, short hair, lithe frame.



Strength: Imagination

Guardians: Twins Caaseum (deceased) and Rubidum

Flag: Orange

Zodai: Dreamcasters


Holy Twins Rubi/Caasy (Z): The Guardians of Gemini are mischievous twins. Caasy is killed in the attack on Gemini, but Rubi becomes a close friend of Rho’s. Description: Tawny skin as pale as the inside of a cantaloupe, copper curls, deep tunnel-like eyes, androgynous pre-pubescent bodies.

Imogen (WS): A Zodai University student who joins Nishi’s team of activists on Sagittarius and later signs up for Blaze’s Tomorrow Party. Description: Tawny skin, copper-flecked eyes, curvy figure, usually wearing her signature glossy red lipstick.



Strength: Nurture

Guardian: Holy Mother Rho

Flag: Blue

Zodai: Lodestars


Holy Mother Rho Grace (Z): A student at the Acolyte Academy who’s suddenly thrust into a universal leadership role when her House is attacked and the stars choose her as the new Guardian. Description: Sun-kissed skin, pale green eyes, blond curly hair.

Stanton Grace (WS): Rho’s beloved brother who raised her when their mother abandoned them a decade ago. Description: Sun-kissed skin, pale green eyes, blond curly hair.

Kassandra Grace (BM): Rho and Stanton’s mom who is an Aquarian Riser. She ran away from home because it was her destiny to join the Luminaries and protect the Zodiac from the Last Prophecy. Description: Ivory skin, bottomless blue eyes, long light locks.

Mathias Thais (Z): A Zodai five years older than Rho whom she’s loved from afar since she was twelve. When she becomes Guardian, he becomes her Guide and one of her best friends. Description: Pale skin, indigo blue eyes, dark wavy hair, muscled physique, barely noticeable cleft in his chin.

Deke Moreten (Z): Rho and Nishi’s best friend and bandmate who becomes Nishi’s fiancé before the Marad murders him. Description: Tan skin, turquoise eyes, sandy hair, roguish smile.

Aryll/Grey Gowan (WS): Stan’s best friend who’s hiding more secrets than anyone (but Hysan) can imagine. Description: Red hair, one cerulean eye and a gray eyepatch, always wears his levlan locket.

Ambassador Sirna (Z): Cancer’s Planetary Plenum ambassador, with whom Rho has a tumultuous relationship. Description: Ebony skin, curly hair, sea-blue eyes.

Lola + Leyla (Z): A pair of sisters who are Rho’s Ladies of Robes and help get her ready for her public events. Description: Both are redheads, but older sister Lola has huge curls that fall over her face, while younger sister Leyla keeps her locks pulled away from her sapphire eyes.



Strength: Passion

Guardian: Holy Leader Aurelius

Flag: Royal purple

Zodai: Lionhearts


Blaze Jansun (BM): The leader of the Tomorrow Party who recruits Nishi to join his cause. Description: Brown skin, russet eyes, blue hair with hidden rainbow highlights.

Traxon Harwing (WS): A Truther from Leo’s Truth Pride who has his own investigative holo-show where he exposes politicians’ lies. He’s also a member of 13, a conspiracy group that believes Ophiuchus is real. Description: Tan skin, hairy mane of brown hair, broad face, pierced eyebrows.



Strength: Sustenance

Guardian: Empress Moira (in critical condition)

Flag: Emerald green

Zodai: Ministers


Empress Moira (Z): The Guardian of Virgo is the Zodiac’s foremost Psy expert, until she’s attacked by Ophiuchus and left in a comatose state. Description: Olive skin, mossy eyes, small wizened frame.

Twain (WS): A Zodai University student who’s a good pilot and a friend of Hysan’s. He comes to Sagittarius to help out but is murdered by Corinthe when he leaps in front of Rho and saves her life. Description: Olive skin, mossy eyes, windswept brown hair.



Strength: Justice

Guardian: Lord Hysan

Flag: Yellow

Zodai: Knights


Hysan Dax (Z): The Guardian of Libra and one of Rho’s best friends. Description: Golden skin and hair, leaf-green eyes with a gold star, centaur smile, dimpled cheeks.

Lord Neith (Z): Hysan’s android who poses as the Guardian of Libra. Description: Tall, white hair, quartz eyes with a gold star.

Miss Trii (WS): The android who raised Hysan after his parents died. Description: buxom, blond hair, crystallized eyes, the perfect figure because she designed herself.

Numen (WS): She’s a Zodai University student who comes to Sagittarius to help out, and she later attends the Tomorrow Party ball with Qima of Virgo. Description: Blond hair and gray eyes with a gold star.



Strength: Innovation

Guardian: Chieftain Skiff

Flag: Black

Zodai: Stridents


Chieftain Skiff (BM): The Guardian of Scorpio is one of the galaxy’s most brilliant inventors, and he secretly gifts Rho a weapon—the Scorp Scarab. Description: Pearly skin, red eyes, stooped figure.

Strident Engle (BM): Rho’s guide when she visits Scorpio who ultimately becomes her first Scorp friend. Description: Transparent skin, red eyes, wispy hair.



Strength: Curiosity

Guardian: Guardian Brynda

Flag: Lavender

Zodai: Stargazers


Nishiko Sai (Z): Rho’s best friend in the universe who has her back through everything. Description: Cinnamon skin, amber eyes, thick dark hair.

Guardian Brynda (WS): The 23-year-old Guardian of Sagittarius and a good friend of Hysan’s. Description: She looks like an older Nishi with similar cinnamon skin, amber eyes, and thick dark hair.

Ezra (WS): At just 15 years old, she’s the youngest member of Rho’s team. In addition to being a great shot, she’s also a Hysan-level genius, and she’s eager to join the fight against the master. Description: Mahogany skin and wears her hair in hundreds of braids.

Gyzer (WS): Ezra’s partner in crime. He’s also a great shot, though he has a more philosophical disposition. Description: Coal black skin, soulful eyes, tall broad-shouldered frame.



Strength: Wisdom

Guardian: Sage Ferez

Flag: Brown

Zodai: Chroniclers


Sage Ferez (WS): The Guardian of Capricorn teaches Rho about Snow Globes and the power of memory. Description: Black skin, dark eyes with a gold star, centenarian.



Strength: Philosophy

Guardian: Supreme Guardian Gortheaux the Thirty-Third

Flag: Aqua

Zodai: Elders


Pandora (WS): Like Rho, she Sees rare visions, including the Last Prophecy. She was captured by the Marad and tortured until Rho and her friends rescued her—and she’s in love with Mathias. Description: Ivory skin, waterfall of auburn hair, amethyst eyes.

Ambassador Crompton (WS): He delivers the keynote speech at the Tomorrow Party ball and tries to help Rho find her mom—but there’s oh-so-much more to his story…  Description: Ivory skin, silver hair, pink eyes, tall and thin.



Strength: Spirituality

Guardian: Prophet Marinda

Flag: Silver

Zodai: Disciples


Prophet Marinda (BM): The Guardian of Pisces is infected by the Piscene plague, and she’s in a medical hover-chair, her health weakening more every day. Description: Brown skin, feminine features, small frame.



Strength: Unity

Guardian: Master Ophiuchus

Flag: White

Zodai: Sires


Master Ophiuchus (Z): The Original Guardian of his House, Ophiuchus has been exiled and forced to exist in a disembodied state until the master reaches out to him…and gives him his body back. Description: Color-changing snakeskin, Dark Matter-black hair, long-cut silver eyes, taller and broader than any human being in existence.

Corinthe (WS): A soldier in the Marad who tortures Rho. Description: Levlan-like skin, leering smile, wears a white uniform and porcelain mask with only a hole for her mouth.





Thirteen Rising, the final installment in the Zodiac Series goes on sale August 29. Pre-order it here!






















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