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#Wibbroka Quotes We’re OBSESSED With


In case you don’t know, #Wibbroka is the couple name for author writing duo/real life couple Austin Siegemund-Broka & Emily Wibberley. As one might expect, they’re sort of experts on the whole cute rom com thing since they’re something of a real life cute rom com themselves.

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And they write cuteness even better. So, here are a few #Wibbroka quotes we’re OBSSESSED with.


First up, our favorites from Always Never Yours



First up, Megan speaking some TRUTH:

“I remember what Owen told me. Don’t undervalue yourself. I shouldn’t sweep my hurt under the rug so Madeleine doesn’t have to feel bad. My feelings matter, too. I’m tired of pretending they don’t.”

And let’s not forget what theatre taught us.

“Rosaline could be the central character of her own story. Just because Romeo didn’t want her doesn’t mean no one else will.”

Speaking of which, theatre kids RISE UP.

“Being in the spotlight’s not terrible, and it taught me that losing yourself in a character might lead you to find something new in yourself.”

And finally, this last bit of wisdom from Megan Harper who we love very, very much.

“You can’t lose yourself over every problem, hurt, or wrong someone’s committed you. Bad things happen. You fix your eyes on the future, and you move on.”

And if we’re being honest, we love these quotes from If I’m Being Honest!



“If I was going to commit to someone, I wanted him to be worth the worry, worth the part of me I was going to give him.”

We love a strong female protagonist.

“I could wither under his words and feel inferior or I could rise to them and become a better version of myself.”

Given that If I’m Being Honest is inspired by Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, is it any surprise that some of these quotes absolutely have that “frame this now” or “stitch it on a pillow” quality??

“Forgiveness is the release that washes the poison from my veins, the anger and envy I could never get rid of no matter how often I apologized. It’s impossibly, beautifully easy.”

Finally, we had the time of our lives picking out a few of our favorites from Time of Our Lives!


From this stunning quote that reminds us to live in the moment:

“I already know what the future holds. It’s right now that has the potential to be extraordinary.”

To one of those topics you don’t know how to explain until an author does it for you.

There’s a claustrophobia in comfort. The threads become a web, confining the person I want to be to the person I was.

Also, that time we all fell in love with Fitz.

It’s unusual, his thing with words, but not in a bad way. Knowing the repertoire he has at his disposal gives everything he says to me a deliberateness it’s difficult to find in casual conversation. He speaks to me like he’s reading dialogue from a novel, each word chosen with care and precision. The effect is . . . disarming.


Time of Our Lives left us with so many moments and lessons, but this is one of our absolute favorites:

“Because if I spend every minute wishing everything would stay the same, I’ll lose so much more than the past.”


Get your copy of Time of Our Lives here!


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