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17 LGBTQIA+ Books Still to Come in 2024!

Discover 17 more amazing LGBTQIA+ stories still to come in 2024 and get ready to #ReadWithPride all year long!

Cursed Boys and Broken Hearts by Adam Sass – July 16

A swoony contemporary romance from Adam Sass following a boy who is cursed to doom any romantic relationship—and the summer that changes everything.

The Ghostkeeper by Johanna Taylor – July 23

Perfect for fans of everything from Lockwood & Co. to The Haunting of Hill House, this gothic graphic novel follows a young medium with the gift—or curse, as some might say—to communicate with the dead.

Exes & Foes by Amanda Woody – July 23

When two ex-best friends decide to hold a competition for the new girl’s heart, they don’t expect to fall for each other instead.

Prince of the Palisades by Julian Winters – August 20

Young Royals meets Red, White, and Royal Blue in this heart-pumping romance by award-winning author Julian Winters!

Come Out Come Out by Natalie C. Parker – August 27

A spine-tingling LGBTQIA+ YA horror about queer teens who accidentally invoke a twisted spirit who promises help but delivers something sinister.

Fyrebirds by Kate J. Armstrong – August 27

With tensions rising and their powers no longer a secret, the Nightbirds must decide for whom and for what they are willing to fight for and how far they will go in the spellbinding sequel to the international bestseller Nightbirds.

Sync by Ellen Hopkins – August 27

From #1 NYTbestselling author Ellen Hopkins comes a new heartbreaking young adult novel in verse about twins separated in the foster care system and the different paths their lives take.

Libertad by Bessie Flores Zaldivar – August 27

A queer YA coming-of-age set during the rigged Honduran presidential election about a young poet discovering the courage it takes to speak her truth about the people and country she loves.

The New Camelot by Robyn Schneider – August 27

Sayeth it ain’t so! The finale to the epic Emry Merlin trilogy is here, with all the sorcery, snark, and high stakes that made The Other Merlin one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year!

Full Shift by Jennifer Dugan, illustrated by Kit Seaton – August 27

In this queer, supernatural YA graphic novel from the author of Some Girls Do and the illustrator of Wonder Woman: Warbringer, a reluctant teen werewolf would do anything to be human—if that’s what it takes to win her crush’s heart.

Luminous Beings by David Arnold – September 3

Set over the course of a single day, Luminous Beings explores the many facets of friendship and love, the heavy burden of a well-kept secret, the boundless tenacity of the human spirit, and, yes, the furriest of all zombified mammals. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Just the end of the squirrel

To the Bone by Alena Bruzas – September 10

This gripping, shocking, and exquisitely crafted survival story reveals the truth of America’s colonial history in a powerful new way—visceral and breathtaking.

Spells to Forget Us by Aislinn Brophy – September 17

A witch and a non-magical girl get stuck in an endless cycle of meet-cutes and breakups in this heart-stopping romantic young adult fantasy.

The Glass Scientists: Vol 2 by S.H. Cotugno – September 24

The second book in the YA graphic novel series about star-crossed lovers and misunderstood monsters, which is already a webcomic phenomenon!

No Rules Tonight by Kim Hyun Sook & Ryan Estrada – October 1

From the creators of Banned Book Club comes a young adult graphic novel about unveiling secrets, confessing your crushes, and finding yourself: all in the mountains of South Korea on Christmas Eve.

Solis by Paola Mendoza and Abby Sher – October 8

From the authors of Sanctuary comes a haunting near-future companion tale about undocumented immigrants subjected to deadly experiments in a government labor camp and the four courageous rebels who set into place a daring plan to liberate them.

Streetlight People by Charlene Thomas – Nov 5

A little bit Twin Peaks, a little bit Black Mirror, Streetlight People is a story of growing up in—and out of—a small town with a huge secret.

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