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Perfect for fans of everything from Lockwood & Co to The Haunting of Hill House, this gothic graphic novel follows a young medium with the gift—or curse, as some might say—to communicate with the dead. This ghost story “powerfully, tenderly, and empathetically examines death, grief, and the afterlife” raved Kirkus in a starred review!

Dorian Leith can see ghosts. Not only that, he listens to their problems and tries to help them move on to the afterlife. It’s a gift that’s made him an outcast to everyone in town. That is except for his dearly departed grandmother, who he’s partnered with to turn this paranormal ability into an honest living, and the local bookshop owner, who seems to be the only non-deceased person willing to give him a chance. But it’s all worth it to Dorian, who feels like he’s been given a bigger purpose. A chance to save those who cannot save themselves.

Then one day, the key to Death’s Door is stolen, trapping all the ghosts in the land of the living. Since he’s only one who can see them, the spirits rely on Dorian to retrieve the key before it is too late. If they can’t move on, they’ll soon be consumed by a ghostly rot that has begun to plague them.

As it continues to fester and spread, and the ghosts become desperate for relief, Dorian must do whatever it takes to find a way to bring peace to the restless dead—even if that peace comes at the cost of his own….

Indies Introduce Pick Summer/Fall 2024

★"Taylor deftly navigates heavy themes. . .emphasizing the importance of rest and boundaries rather than unending sacrifice and offering a love letter to altruists. The dynamic artwork includes humorous touches and shows an atmospheric Victorian world inhabited by racially diverse people. Powerfully, tenderly, and empathetically examines death, grief, and the afterlife." Kirkus, starred review

"Gentle, contemporary depictions of managing one’s own mental health and setting boundaries are woven throughout a warmly erudite graphic novel debut that’s rich with engaging lore. Taylor’s lush illustrations portray a visually diverse community that populates an imaginative world teeming with cozy bookshops, ghost cats, and glowing banshees, among other paranormal delights." Publishers Weekly

"In the grand tradition of many classic ghost stories, this heartfelt tale is about being haunted by grief, the heavy pull of the past, and most importantly, finding the way to move forward." —Ethan M. Aldridge, bestselling creator of Estranged

  • Pages: 272 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN: 9780593526668
Penguin Teen