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5 Things Percy Jackson Fans Will Love in THREADS THAT BIND

Facts: the sky is blue, grass is green, and fans of Percy Jackson will LOVE Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou (we don’t make the rules!)

Whether you’ve been watching the new Percy Jackson series streaming on Disney+, or are just a diehard fan of the books, we’re here to tell you about the Greek mythology fantasy series to get on your radar ASAP–with author Kika Hatzopoulou!

Hi, I’m Kika!

Whether we’re waiting for the next episode or rereading our way through the series, it’s safe to say Percy Jackson has commandeered our lives right now. And if, like me, you can’t get enough of the ‘Greek myth meets modern life’ shenanigans of the famous hero, I’ve got a recommendation for you: my ‘Greek myth meets mystery novel’ Threads That Bind.

Here are a few things fans of Percy Jackson will recognize in Threads That Bind:

  1. Descendants of Gods

Being a Greek god is fun, but being their descendant is a… challenge, to say the least. Just as Percy is the son of Poseidon and Annabeth the daughter of Athena, in Threads That Bind, our main character Io and her two sisters are the descendants of the Moirae, the Greek goddesses of Fate. Io can see and cut the threads of destiny, a skill she uses to work as a detective, and other characters in the book are descendants of the Greek Muses, the Graces, the Furies.

  • Mystery and Twists

In Threads That Bind, Io witnesses a series of otherworldly murders and is tasked with finding the perpetrator by following clues, investigating suspects and deciphering red herrings. In The Lightning Thief, Percy is given a similar task: he has to find who stole Zeus’s lightning. As any practiced reader can guess, both Percy and Io are in for a lot of twists and betrayals!

  • Mythical Monsters

No one does monsters in the modern world better than Rick Riordan! I especially love his interpretation of the Chimera, which starts out as a harmless pet chihuahua. In Threads That Bind, hybrid animals inspired by the Chimera have crawled into the world after a catastrophic natural disaster. These chimerini are dangerous pests on the streets or vicious fighters in gambling dens—and they also grace the beautiful cover of the book! (And if you look closely at the cover of the sequel, Hearts That Cut, you’ll notice some of the most fearsome chimerini you’ll ever meet!)

  • Tender Slow-burn Romance

Built on deep friendship, mutual understanding and a whole series of adventures, Percabeth is arguably one of the sweetest, slowest-burn romances of all time. In Threads That Bind, Io and her love interest, Edei, have much the same dynamic. They’re tasked to work together to solve the murders, but Edei doesn’t know that he and Io share a rare fate-thread, marking them as soulmates. Lots of blushing and angst ensues, which intensifies even more in the sequel, Hearts That Cut, as Io and Edei have to decide what they value most: fate or choice?

  • Found Family

One of my favorite things in books, and especially in Percy Jackson, are the friendships. Creating your own found family is an essential part of being a teen and growing up and I took great care to represent that in Threads That Bind. Io meets new friends and reconnects with old ones, building a team that will be essential to unearth the dark conspiracy at the heart of her world—more of which you’ll see in the sequel and final book of the duology, Hearts That Cut, coming out this June!

Get your copy of Threads That Bind here and preorder Hearts That Cut here!

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