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Phantom Heart

Phantom Heart

by Kelly Creagh

A steamy YA romance inspired by Gaston Leroux's classic The Phantom of the Opera

Seventeen-year-old Stephanie Armand doesn't believe in ghosts or spirits. Despite her six-year-old sister insisting a masked figure is hiding in her closet, and the rumors at school, Stephanie isn't convinced her father's latest renovation project--a crumbling Victorian mansion--houses the soul of a monster. So when the very charming (and paranormal-obsessed) Lucas Cheney takes an interest in both Stephanie and her notorious home, Moldavia, the supernatural and romantic activity escalates to an all-time high. But then there's Erik-- the dashing British boy, seemingly from another era, who's taken up residence in Stephanie's nightly dreams. A boy who may have something to do with the man in the mask, and the strange occurrences taking place at Moldavia.

Praise for Phantom Heart:

“With decadent prose, charming characters, and immersive world-building, Kelly Creagh deftly dances between a cursed past and a half-light present, transporting the reader through spaces and time on the wings of broken chords and bright melodies. At turns a haunting horror and a star-crossed romance, Phantom Heart emerges—as gothically stunning as a rose unfurling blood-red petals in winter’s stark white gloom—to reveal the beauty masked behind the macabre, and the rhapsody hidden beneath the silence.”--A.G. Howard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Splintered series

“Riveting and mysterious . . . a Phantom of the Opera–style love story that kept me reading!”—Katie McGarry, author of Pushing the Limits

“This modern take on a classic tale of obsession and redemption will captivate fans of gothic, and the story’s humor and romantic tension will keep them turning pages to the end.”--Sonia Gensler, award-winning author of Ghostlight

"Creagh’s supernatural gothic romance is a fresh, updated take on Gaston Leroux’s classic novel, The Phantom of the Opera. The world of the novel is hauntingly beautiful and evocative of the familiar tale. The plot is intriguing and the prose well-paced . . . The true ­delight comes with the characters, particularly the eccentric team of teenage ghost hunters, who bring both exuberance and comic relief to an otherwise dark narrative. Overall, the novel is an enjoyable read, filled with secrets, twists, and a surprising amount of heart . . .  Fans of steamy supernatural romances should be first in line for this one."--SLJ

"Hand to readers who adore a juicy love triangle with gothic flair."--Booklist

"Romantic dream sequences are lush and swoon-y."--Kirkus Reviews

  • Pages: 528 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Viking Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN: 9780593116074
Penguin Teen