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*Instant New York Times Bestseller*

The Davenports delivers a totally escapist, swoon-worthy romance while offering a glimpse into a period of African American history often overlooked.

"The perfect read for fans of escapist historical fiction.” —NBC’s TODAY

The Davenports are one of the few Black families of immense wealth and status in a changing United States, their fortune made through the entrepreneurship of William Davenport, a formerly enslaved man who founded the Davenport Carriage Company years ago. Now it's 1910, and the Davenports live surrounded by servants, crystal chandeliers, and endless parties, finding their way and finding love—even where they’re not supposed to.

There is Olivia, the beautiful elder Davenport daughter, ready to do her duty by getting married . . . until she meets the charismatic civil rights leader Washington DeWight and sparks fly. The younger daughter, Helen, is more interested in fixing cars than falling in love—unless it’s with her sister’s suitor. Amy-Rose, the childhood friend turned maid to the Davenport sisters, dreams of opening her own business—and marrying the one man she could never be with, Olivia and Helen’s brother, John. But Olivia’s best friend, Ruby, also has her sights set on John Davenport, though she can’t seem to keep his interest . . . until family pressure has her scheming to win his heart, just as someone else wins hers.

Inspired by the real-life story of the Patterson family, The Davenports is the tale of four determined and passionate young Black women discovering the courage to steer their own path in life—and love.

"The Davenports has it all: romance, heartbreak, courage." Ebony
"A fresh, utterly enchanting read.” —Ayana Gray, New York Times bestselling author of the Beasts of Prey trilogy
"Deftly written . . . A dazzling debut."Kirkus (starred review)
"Stunningly wrought . . . Presents a cast of take-charge women." PW (starred review)
"It has the compulsive readability of Gossip Girl."Booklist (starred review)
"Compelling . . . distinct and satisfying." BCCB
"Skilled . . . Well-written . . . Sure to please." SLJ
"If this whole series existed right now, I’d tear through it to the exclusion of everything else in my life." —Teen Librarian Toolbox

Instant New York Times Bestseller
A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year
#1 Indie Next Pick
Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) Award Winner
Heartland Booksellers Award Winner
African Americans On The Move Book Club (AAMBC) Award Winner

The Davenports by Krystal Marquis is the perfect read for fans of escapist historical fiction. We're talking romantic period pieces, lush with hunky suitors, lavish balls and endless love triangles. This Bridgerton-style book documents the Davenport sisters’ mistrials as they navigate the ever-complex world of love.” —NBC’s TODAY

"The Davenports has it all: romance, heartbreak, courage . . . What makes [it] so intriguing is that it’s inspired by the real daughters of automobile magnate C.R. Patterson. Marquis’ extensive research allows readers to dive into the world of Black excellence in the 1900s, from its grand estates to the glamorous ball gowns." Ebony

“With dazzling prose and whip-smart pacing, Krystal Marquis’s gorgeous debut spirits readers into a world of polished glamor, but also a world shadowed by painful reckonings. Through trial, defeat, defiance, and triumph, its characters offer heart and perspective. The Davenports is a fresh, utterly enchanting read, and a much-needed addition to the contemporary canon of Black literature.” —Ayana Gray, New York Times bestselling author of the Beasts of Prey trilogy

"This deftly written series opener examines the lives of Black elites following Reconstruction with a focus on the constraints of women. The strong characterization, developed through alternating third-person perspectives, and descriptive setting lure readers in. A dazzling debut." Kirkus (starred review)

"This stunningly wrought historical fiction debut follows a group of Black teens navigating classism, familial expectations, gender norms, and racism in 1910 Chicago. . . . Marquis perceptively explores the history and momentous impact of Black achievements and wealth during an underreported period in U.S. history. Employing expert characterization and complex dynamics, the author presents a cast of take-charge women, undeterred by their struggles and pursuing their passions regardless of expectations."Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Though it has the compulsive readability of Gossip Girl, this debut was inspired by the true, little-known history of the C.R. Patterson & Sons carriage company. As a forgotten history, as a celebration of Black entrepreneurship, and as a tale of ambitious young women forging their own paths, it should be widely shared.” Booklist (starred review)

"Marquis weaves the characters’ stories in such a way that leaves readers anticipating the next chapter each time [and] the author’s skilled descriptions give readers a real connection to the characters. This is a well-written novel, sure to please fans of historical fiction, romance, and Chicago history. Young adults and adults alike will learn from and enjoy this. Recommended." SLJ

"Each girl brings a compelling arc to this series opener, and debut author Marquis crafts the rich setting with intriguing historical details and explorations of lesser-known Black history in the grand tradition of romance novelist Beverly Jenkins. . . . The distinct and satisfying emotional journeys of the four protagonists are wonderful [and] the book ends on a cliffhanger for the Davenport siblings, giving fans of historical fiction, and particularly those looking for Black representation without trauma, something to look forward to." BCCB

"I loved this book . . . It’s all SO GOOD. And yes, it’s a lot about romance, which is great, but it’s also about so much more. [It's about] wealthy Black families in the early 1900s and seeing their stories, as they navigate spaces not necessarily welcoming to them, while building their own businesses, communities, and networks . . . The characters are all well-developed, leading rich, complicated lives . . . If this whole series existed right now, I’d tear through it to the exclusion of everything else in my life. An excellent debut about challenging expectations and finding your own path." —Teen Librarian Toolbox

  • Pages: 384 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Dial Books
  • ISBN: 9780593463338
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