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by Kristin Cashore

Part of: Graceling Realm

The highly anticipated next book in the New York Times bestselling, award-winning Graceling Realm series, which has sold 1.7 million copies.

For the past five years, Bitterblue has reigned as Queen of Monsea, heroically rebuilding her nation after her father's horrific rule. After learning about the land of Torla in the east, she sends envoys to the closest nation there: Winterkeep—a place where telepathic foxes bond with humans, and people fly across the sky in wondrous airships. But when the envoys never return, having drowned under suspicious circumstances, Bitterblue sets off for Winterkeep herself, along with her spy Hava and her trusted colleague Giddon. On the way, tragedy strikes again—a tragedy with devastating political and personal ramifications.

Meanwhile, in Winterkeep, Lovisa Cavenda waits and watches, a fire inside her that is always hungry. The teenage daughter of two powerful politicians, she is the key to unlocking everything—but only if she's willing to transcend the person she's been all her life.

The Graceling Realm books are a companion series, not direct sequels, so they can be enjoyed in any order.

A New York Times Best Seller

★ "Cashore's fourth Graceling novel features two strong, but very different, female protagonists . . . this gripping tale of spies, romantic tension and moral dilemmas . . . [A] magnificent addition to the series." —Shelf Awareness, starred review

★ "Delicately, inexorably plotted, this is a captivating novel of action and ideas . . . an accomplishment all the more admirable in that Cashore achieves it largely through characterization." —Horn Book, starred review

★ "This long-awaited addition to the series exceeds expectations—with the action of Graceling, the political theater of Fire, and characters from Bitterblue, this title has something to offer all Cashore fans." —School Library Journal, starred review

"Cashore excels at finely drawn characters and realistic portrayals of toxic parents’ effect on their children . . . this worthy addition to the series is sure to excite fans who, after eight years, may not have dared hope for another installment. This is both a timely primer on the dangers of a politically divided society and a good story." —Kirkus

"While the novel will please fans by following characters familiar from previous books, particularly Bitterblue (2012), Lovisa soon moves to center stage in a sometimes wrenching, increasingly absorbing coming-of-age story. Readers who admire Cashore’s ability to create original settings, complex characters, and engaging narratives will find plenty to enjoy here." —Booklist

"The combination could have been entirely overwhelming, but Cashore pulls it off with aplomb, making the reader do the work to put together the clues from the various perspectives and see both the danger and the possible solutions—but not without some surprises. Cashore is making serious commentary on real world problems . . . savvy readers will make those connections and they’ll appreciate the depth and complexity offered to those themes." —BCCB

  • Pages: 528 Pages
  • Series: Graceling Realm
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Dial Books
  • ISBN: 9780803741508

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