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March Movie Madness: SEMI FINAL ROUND 2!

If you thought Harry Potter vs. The Hunger Games was hard, just you get ready for…LOVE SIMON VS. TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE! It’s the rom com semi-final, everybody!


Let’s hear from Jennifer!


Look, I know this is a hard one. In a perfect world, I would devote the rest of my life to writing crossover fanfic where Simon Spier and Laura Jean Covey go to the same high school and have frequent Waffle House meet ups. But the rules say there can only be one winner. So, without further ado, here are five reasons why you absolutely, positively, without a doubt, must vote for Love, Simon:

  • Friendship! I love the way Abby, Nick, Simon and Leah are all there for each other. Even though Simon makes some choices that lead him away from being an A+ friend, and everyone is rightfully upset about it, the gang is able to work it out and rally because the love between them is real.


  • Parents! Often in teen movies, the parents are either completely evil or non-existent— so I LOVE that Simon’s parents and sister play an important role in this movie. They aren’t perfect, but they’re believably messy and completely endearing.


  • It breaks your heart! Did anyone not cry when Blue disappeared? Not only was this Simon’s crush, but also the one person who knew AND related to a side of him he felt like he couldn’t share with anybody. I was absolutely gutted.


  • Then it puts it back together! THE FERRIS WHEEL SCENE! Okay, I know I used this last time but has there been a more romantic Ferris wheel scene in the history of ever? NO there has NOT. I could literally watch it all day.


  • And last but not least, EVERYBODY DESERVES A GREAT LOVE STORY! What a great message. Not only does Love, Simon give queer kids the chance to see themselves in a rom-com of their dreams, but it gives hope to us all.


And now for Kat!


The reason To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before should be considered the new queen of teen films is because it is a return to the classic teen drama tropes while giving them a refreshing, updated spin.


Coming of age has a new meaning as Lara Jean would rather stay in, bake, and watch movies with her sisters. She’s a teen homemaker and completely comfortable with it. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t express herself. Her sense of style is very apparent in both how she decorates her space (room goals!) and how she dresses (seriously, I wanna go thrifting with Lara Jean). She has a sense of self but she also has trouble breaking out of her shell. A layered presentation of a teen that is a throwback to Andy from Pretty in Pink but updated for modern day.


TATBILB also incorporates one of my favorite tropes which is the fake relationship. I fell in love with this concept when I first watched Can’t Buy Me Love (another old school classic!). But TATBILB knows it needs to give this recognizable trope a modern update. Now a days fake dating means you have to sell it not only IRL but on social media, so Peter K and Lara Jean have a conversation about posting photos of each other on Instagram. Plus they make each other their phone background in the cutest scene ever!


Finally, it is a teen movie that looks at ALL aspects of a teen’s life. Including how Lara Jean’s family relationships affect her. I love that her sister relationship is a driving factor to her decisions. Then there’s the fact that Kitty has an active part in getting the romantic ball rolling for Lara Jean! Oh, and while we’re talking about the Covey family, I adore John Corbett and his failed attempts at cooking Korean food!








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