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The official SEAFIRE recap!

Welcome to the official Seafire recap! We’re here to bring you back up to date on all of Caledonia and her crew’s adventures on the Mors Navis in book one before you dive into Steel Tide (pun intended.) These will only be Bullet (also pun intended) points to give you the gist of book one if it’s been a little while since you read it, and tbh there’s no way we’ll be able to recap the epic relationships between Caledonia and her crew, so just take this as a quick rundown of the action.

Literally all the spoilers ahead!!!


Alright, let’s get started. With one of the most tragic beginnings of a book ever.


  • Caledonia, aboard the Mors Navis with her family and their crew, goes ashore on a nearby island to collect food with her closest friend Pisces.
  • There, she meets Lir. Lir is kinda swoony. And just distracting enough that he gets the best of Caledonia by convincing her to not shoot him on the spot. And then he, you know, stabs her (we do not like Lir.)
  • Pisces, Caledonia’s best friend, luckily finds Caledonia. But it is then they take notice of the battle ship approaching their own out on the sea. All they can do is watch as Bullets, followers of an Aric Athair (we do not like him either), brutally attack the ship.


  • Caledonia has salvaged what was left of her family’s ship with Pisces and collected what may be the most epic all-female crew to run it. Meet Captain Caledonia.
  • Basically, Aric Athair (aka Up to No Good Guy) has created an army to rule the seas out of drafting boys from every village in the empire, whether they want to join or not. Then he keeps them loyal to his cause by forcing a drug on them made out of bale blossoms, one with properties to keep them painfully addicted, and his army isn’t likely going to abandon their ruler when he holds the supply. But what have we here? A barge full of valuable crops belonging to Aric Athair??
  • SO Caledonia and crew destroy a ship full of bale blossoms. But not without a price: Pisces is captured in the process. By Bullets.


  • Pisces emerges from the water, having escaped the enemy ship…with a boy.
  • A Bullet, more specifically. Named Oran.
  • Obviously Caledonia is pretty noped out about this. However, upon Pisces request that she not kill the boy who saved her life and betrayed his fellow Bullets on the spot, Caledonia has mercy and sends him to the brig.
  • But really, this boy is the least of their problems. Because they need food, they need supplies, and they need it soon.
  • Worse, the enemy Bullet ship seems keen on meeting up soon.
  • Cue epic battle to steal the Bullet ship’s stuff. Also, Lace dies. 🙁 This recap isn’t long enough to explain every character, but honestly, Lace was awesome.
  • Caledonia is pretty pissed about this whole thing and for vengeance, orders the Bullet they’re holding captive to be killed. But as it turns out, he has some pretty interesting info that might just keep him alive: that barge Caledonia sank in the beginning? That was to draw her crew out in the open. There’s a bounty on her ship, and there are a dozen more enemy ships on their way now as a result.
  • Secondly, he’s seen Caledonia and Pisces’ lost brothers–who supposedly died when their ship was attacked four years ago–alive.


  • New mission: cross enemy lines to save little brothers from Aric Athair.
  • But they’ll need supplies, and Pisces needs a healer for a pretty grim injury she suffered during the attack.
  • They sail to the Cloudbreak, which is very very risky for a ship with a bounty on it.
  • We meet Nettle at Cloudbreak, a young girl with a whole lot of spunk eager to join Caledonia’s crew. She offers to guide them through Cloudbreak to find what they need.
  • Though they are able to find a healer to help Pisces, that’s not the difficult part. Nettle leads them to Hesperus Shreeves, aka most dangerous dude in all of Cloudbreak, and pretty much the one guy she was trying to avoid. But he has the supplies they need.
  • It’s a trap. Wuh-oh. Caledonia spots a ship entering the port–the Bale Flower. AKA the ship carrying LIR, that fellow who stabbed her in chapter 1.
  • Caledonia, being the fast-thinker she is, offers Shreeves a deal: if he lets them leave, she and her crew will be on their way and won’t tear his port apart in a fight with the Bale Blossom.
  • Shreeves is a fan of this plan since he likes money and does not like having to spend a lot of it to fix his port and reputation. He reluctantly lets them go.
  • Cue epic chase out of the port to narrowly escape the Bullet ship.
  • Well lookie who we have here: Nettle has decided to stow away on Caledonia’s ship.
  • It’s ok though cuz Nettle is actually pretty cool.
  • Oh, and Nettle stole the supplies they need to destroy the Bullet ship and get their brothers back, so go Nettle.
  • Oran swears to Caledonia she’ll need to trust him if she wants her brothers back. She says no. Buuuut we may sense a little something happening between these two???
  • New problem: Gulls have been spotted. Basically very fast, very violent pirates.
  • They narrowly escape because Nettle is a badass.
  • They enter the Drowning Lands, a long stretch of marshy lands rumored to be inhabited by nothing more than ghosts. A risky path but their only remaining option.
  • As it turns out, ghosts do not inhabit the Drowning Lands. People do. And they’re taking Caledonia and her crew prisoner.


  • Caledonia & crew is brought to the queen of the Drowning Lands. Things are looking pretty grim…until Hime signs to a woman across the room and we realize Hime’s secret: her brother lives here.
  • This connection makes the queen a little more forgiving towards the crew. Caledonia and her crew are offered food and lodging until the ship is pieced back together.
  • Caledonia is charged with keeping a very close eye on Oran during their stay. She’s not a fan of this…but after a few days she finds herself hating him less and less.
  • There’s a moment though awww
  • Finally, the ship is repaired and they’re ready to head back out. Hime bids her mother farewell, pledging her allegiance to Caledonia and her ship.
  • Caledonia sets her mind to planning the rescue mission.
  • They sail to a cove where the Electra, the ship carrying their brothers, will stop to collect new recruits for Aric Athair’s army.
  • Caledonia, Oran, and Redtooth scout the place to see what they’re up against. They wait until nightfall.
  • Caledonia marks her crew with a sigil to help them identify who they can trust in the battle, with the hope that her brother recognize the mark too.
  • Oran and Caledonia have a moment and it’s adorable
  • It is revealed that not only does Caledonia’s brother Donnally sail aboard the Electra…he commands it.


  • They prepare for battle and Caledonia gives a speech to the sisterhood that’s so epic you should really just go re-read it.
  • They attack the ship, taking them by surprise. With Nettle’s supplies, Amina has rigged an electro~mag and shot it at the hull of the Bullet ship. The Electra‘s (electric and very dangerous) hull flashes, then goes dead. SUCCESS.
  • The crash the Mors Navis straight into the ship and Caledonia’s crew boards the Electra to take the fight to them.
  • Cue one of the most epic battle scenes ever.


  • Caledonia watches in horror as Donnally is shot.
  • But Redtooth? Not so lucky.


  • The fight rages on. Caledonia and Pisces fight their way to the engine room, where their brothers would most likely be.
  • Pisces is reunited with her brother Ares!…who definitely doesn’t believe she’s his sister at first.
  • Ares reveals that Caledonia’s brother left the Electra a month ago.
  • They may have won the battle, but a fleet of Bullet ships have been spotted ten miles out. WUH-OH.
  • Oh, and which ship does that fleet include? The Bale Blossom. Freakin’ Lir is back.
  • Caledonia makes her toughest choice yet: she leaves her crew, telling them to escape while she takes on Lir herself.
  • Caledonia boards the Bale Blossom with a single dagger…one Lir plunged into her gut about four years ago. She decides its time to return the favor (hell YES Caledonia!!!)
  • She sneaks onto the ship and into the Lir’s chamber with a charge Amina made and a small remote to set off the explosion.
  • Wuh-oh. Lir shows up and it seems he’s been expecting her.
  • Epic battle on the deck that will leave you enraged.
  • Caledonia sets off the charge Amina made and an explosion comes from Lir’s chambers, setting the ship aflame.
  • Caledonia, badly injured, escapes Lir and dives into the water.
  • THE END.




Steel Tide is hitting shelves September 17th! Get your copy here!



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