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WE WILL SAVE YOU…From the FOMO on Gayle Forman’s New Book











That’s chill.

It’s all good.

We are so blessed.



SO. If you haven’t heard, we’ve been dropping excerpt presents to all of you lovelies because it would be cruel to make you wait.


^^^ If you’ve had a chance to dip in, that shouldn’t be an accurate representation of you right now! But just in case you missed our excerpt reveal: check em out right here.


As you may be able to tell (largely because we’re telling you very openly and emotionally a la Gayle Forman and all the feels), we can’t wait for this book to be out there in the wild bookish world in its entirety for you. So to celebrate the fact that we are T-minus ONE DAY from I HAVE LOST MY WAY, check out the early love this gem has been getting from all of YOU!



“Love!! Gayle Forman has already stolen my heart with the excerpt of this book.” – Gdecicco


“When I found out Gayle Forman was publishing a new book I instantly looked it up and added it to my wishlist. Now, having read an excerpt, I am even more excited for this book.” – HelloJennyReviews



Thank you @penguinrandomhouse for the advanced copy of this book – all opinions are my own. #partner I so often spend my reading time submerged in crime/mystery/thrillers, and so while this book was not in my “normal” genre, it was like a terrific breath of fresh air for me as a reader. This story is so wonderfully human – I absolutely devoured this read in one sitting. 🌺🌺🌺 I Have Lost My Way follows three strangers whose paths collide one fateful date in New York, forever changing the way they look at themselves and the world, and teaching them about real love in the process. @gayleforman does wonderful work in interweaving the three perspectives flawlessly, moving through the story that happens primarily in one day, with bits of the three characters backgrounds, letting us better understand what has brought them to this chance day together. The characters, although getting such small pieces of them, have wonderful depth and are still fully formed. I adored the diversity of the characters, and all their flaws and quirks. I could happily read volumes of adventures of these three, and will keep my fingers crossed that this is not the last that we will hear from them. 🌺🌺🌺 5 solid ⭐️’s – this will be a read that YA lovers, as well as readers who enjoy a strong character drama will love. This hits shelves March 27th – be sure to get this in your spring reading piles! #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #currentlyreading #ihavelostmyway #gayleforman #yareads #bookreview #bookreviewer #bookblogger #mustread #books #booksandflowers #beautifulbooks #bookish #bookworm #booklove #booklover #reader #readinglove #readinglist #penguinrandomhouse #booksofinstagram #readeveryday

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“A deeply endearing story that captures your heart…I LOVE GAYLE FORMAN.” – Bookish Delights



“Stunning! This novel now has me hooked! I now absolutely adore the characters and Gayle Forman’s writing style. The repetition of the phrase, “I have lost my way” throughout the very different characters really stands out to me and makes me want to read this novel in full length even more!” – Shristhi_Reads




“My goodness I did not know I was missing – I’ve never read any of Forman’s books but have always heard good things…If you’ve ever felt ignored, unloved, or left behind (and who hasn’t really?) you might find some healing in this book.” – Caslinj




“I absolutely loved this First Look…The three points of view worked really well for this novel, and I particularly enjoyed seeing how everyone came together.” – Labyrinthspine


“I fell in love with all three characters right away…I have a feeling that this will be another knock out for Gayle Forman. Another book that takes you along for the ride, but where you learn something about yourself in the process.” – Jenbibi23





Read more about I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman here!

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