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The 5 Senses Of A Book Lover


One of the coolest things about Richelle Mead’s Soundless, which is set in a world without sound, is that it asks the question of how life changes according to our senses. This got us thinking about how grateful we are for OUR senses, because without them, how would we appreciate the glorious books around us? In fact, to celebrate them, we decided to break down the 5 highly refined senses of a standard book lover:


Beautiful Cover Identification (A.k.a. sight)

A book lover’s sense of sight can be quite fickle. In some instances, late nights spent turning pages may hamper their vision, but the occurrence of a stunning book cover on the shelves will IMMEDIATELY draw their eye, and potentially lead to a #Coverbuy* situation.

*A purchase made as a result of being seduced by a beautiful cover without regard to any other factors such as genre, summary, $$ in the bank.


Page Scent Appreciation (A.k.a smell)

A book lover’s sense of smell is actually quite finely tuned, and they have been known to locate bookstores and libraries by simply following the scent of pages yet to be read. In the occurrence that you find them sniffing books in the shelves, respectfully leave them in peace.


Reading Intruder Recognition (A.k.a. sound)

Reading time is a sacred time. That’s why you’ll receive ‘the glare’ when conversing too loudly near or to a book lover. Your best bet is to switch to whispering or relocate entirely.


Book Body Admiration (A.k.a. feel)

Sometimes, the gaze of a book lover upon a book gives way to something more: touch. Whether it’s the stroking of deckled edges, a stunning spine, or simply feeling the weight of a novel in their hands, the book lover has been known to have an almost otherworldly experience by simply touching a book.


Binge Reading Fuel Discovery (A.k.a. taste)


The book lover taste buds are discerning ones – they’ve adapted to identify the perfect snacks to eat while reading: anything they can nibble on with one hand, has minimal crumbs, and can devour in large quantities in the case of a binge reading session.



What would a world without senses be like? Peek inside Soundless to find out!




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