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5 Things We Love in the ‘Looking for Alaska’ Trailer

If you’re going to seek a great perhaps, you’ve reached your first destination. The Looking for Alaska TV miniseries trailer is FINALLY HERE! Watch it right now:



Are you like us and can’t wait to see the show premiere on Hulu on October 18? If so, you’re in luck—we’re spotlighting our all-time favorite things from the trailer!

1. Pudge’s room

Looking For Alaska, Pudge Room

Did you think you’d ever get to see Pudge’s room on screen? Neither did we… but here it is, in all its messy, books-laden glory. (*sobs uncontrollably*)

2. Those daisies

Looking For Alaska, Daisies

Those white daisies, turned yellow by the sunlight flowing in through the window. Simple. Moody yet beautiful. Such a powerful aesthetic.

3. The whole gang

Looking for Alaska, The Gang

Were you prepared to see The Colonel, Takumi, Pudge, and Alaska come to life on screen at the same time together? We definitely weren’t!

4. The Smoking Hole

Looking for Alaska, Smoking Hole

How cool is it to finally see Culver Creek come to life? We’re absolutely in love with seeing iconic spots like the Smoking Hole materialize exactly how they did in our minds!


Looking for Alaska, Pudge

It goes without saying that the Looking for Alaska TV adaptation has been a looooong time coming (it’s the first book *ever* from John Green, and it’s so satisfying to see everything FINALLY coalesce on screen. We’re ready to cry our eyes out… so why is October 18 still two months away?

Grab your copy of Looking for Alaska before it hits your streaming devices on October 18!

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