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8 Things PAPER TOWNS Taught Us About Road Trips

Whether planned or spontaneous, a road trip will be an adventure – and Paper Towns is the perfect guide to ensure you have the best one ever. Here are the 8 things Paper Towns taught us about road trips!


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1. There’s pleasure in leaving, but only if the place you leave matters.


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2. You can’t get a ticket if you’re less than 9 MPH over the speed limit. (Note: we don’t recommend trying this theory.)


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3. With the appropriate number of snacks and drinks, and a continual supply of fuel, it’s possible to keep going forever.


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4. A road trip is a great time to play that guy is a gigolo, a game in which players create a backstory for the people in other cars on the road. Warning: it tends to reveal more about the player’s life than the stranger’s.


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5. Traveling teaches you a lot about yourself. For instance, how you act after multiple energy drinks or how comfortable you are peeing into bottles.


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6. Always keep an eye out for cows in the middle of the road.


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7. There’s consistency in the world; you can drive 15 hours without the landscape changing all that much.


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8. Road trips always make for one hell of a story.


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Ready for your next road trip? Start reading Paper Towns here!

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