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"[For] readers of Nina LaCour . . . Sharply incisive [and] deeply romantic." --Booklist

"Part coming-of-age story, part slow-burn romance, part feminist-manifesto." --SLJ

"[One of] the LGBTQ books that will change the literary landscape." --O Magazine

What Lulu Shapiro's 5,000 Flash followers don't know:
  • The video of her with another girl was never supposed to go public.
  • Owen definitely wasn't supposed to break up with her because of it.
  • Behind the online persona Lulu painstakingly curates, her life feels like a terrible, uncertain mess.

  • Then Lulu meets Cass. Cass isn't interested in looking at Lulu's life, only in living in it for real. And The Hotel--a gorgeous space with an intriguing, Old Hollywood history--seems like the perfect hideaway for their deepening romance. But just because Lulu has stepped out of the spotlight doesn't mean it'll stop following her every move.

    Look is about what you present vs. who you really are, about real and manufactured intimacy and the blurring of that line. It's a deceptively glamorous, utterly compelling, beautifully written, queer coming-of-age novel about falling in love and taking ownership of your own self--your whole self--in the age of social media.

    "Romantic and deeply resonant...Everything I hoped for and more." --Robyn Schneider, author of The Beginning of Everything
    "Witty, sensual, well-observed." --Francesca Lia Block, author of Weetzie Bat
    "I loved this book." --Mary H. K. Choi, author of Emergency Contact
    "A beautifully rendered...feminist coming-of-age story." --Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself
    "Gorgeous." --Robin Benway, author of Far From the Tree
    "A complex, empathic examination of identity." --Amy Spalding, author of The Summer of Jordi Perez
    "A beautiful, intimate novel. I loved it so much." --Maurene Goo, author of The Way You Make Me Feel
    "Immediate...Deft...Astute...Compelling...Gripping and credible." --BCCB
    "[Zan Romanoff] is one of the best YA writers working today."--Brandy Colbert, author of Little & Lion

    A Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC) Choices selection

    “Witty, sensual, well-observed. Look glows like a secret, abandoned hotel lit only by cell phones on an L.A. night.” —Francesca Lia Block, award-winning author of Weetzie Bat 

    “Gorgeous. A sprawling look at Los Angeles, love, and the ways a girl can be torn down and, more importantly, put herself back together, one image at a time.” —Robin Benway, National Book Award-winning author of Far From the Tree

    “A beautifully rendered, nearly tactile sliver of Los Angeles, ostensibly about social media but really a feminist coming-of-age story. It’s really stuck with me.” —Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself
    "[One of the] LGBTQ YA books you'll absolutely want to pick up this winter." —Buzzfeed

    "I absolutely devoured this novel. Look digs deep into the ways we crave to be seen, and the blurred boundaries between real life and our online selves. Zan Romanoff's prose is smart, engaging, and exquisite. She's one of the best YA writers working today." —Brandy Colbert, Stonewall Award-winning author of Little & Lion

    "Part coming-of-age story, part slow-burn romance, part feminist-manifesto." —SLJ

    "Compelling [and] timely . . . A searing take on sexuality." —Kirkus

    ★ "Immediate . . . Deft . . . Astute . . . Compelling . . . Readers negotiating the sometimes buoyant, sometimes treacherous, nearly unavoidable currents of social media will find [Lulu’s] journey a gripping and credible exploration of the way image, gender issues, and contemporary culture intersect.” —BCCB (starred review)

    “An incisive, tantalizing exploration into the minds of teen girls through the reality-distortion-field of social media. Look is smart, quick, and startlingly tender. I loved this book.” —Mary H. K. Choi, bestselling author of Emergency Contact

    "[One of] the LGBTQ books that will change the literary landscape in 2020." —O Magazine

    Look is a sharp, layered critique of the legacy of the male gaze that lovingly captures the messiness of being a teenage girl constructing her identity one selfie at a time. It’s a beautiful, intimate novel. I loved it so much.” —Maurene Goo, award-winning author of The Way You Make Me Feel

    “Smart, romantic, and deeply resonant. Lulu and Cass's journey across Los Angeles and deep into the glare of a social media spotlight was everything I hoped for and more.” —Robyn Schneider, bestselling author of The Beginning if Everything

    “Lush and literary [and for] readers of Nina LaCour. Sharply incisive and, at times, deeply romantic, it's a narrative that doesn't underestimate its audience as it turns the spotlight on their intensely focused world.” —Booklist

    Look is a love letter to the Selfie Generation [and a] much-appreciated feminist critique." —Shelf Awareness

    Look is for this very moment—a complex, empathic examination of identity and relationships in the digital era." —Amy Spalding, bestselling author of The Summer of Jordi Perez

    • Pages: 368 Pages
    • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
    • Imprint: Dial Books
    • ISBN: 9780525554264
    Penguin Teen