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Taylor Swift’s FOLKLORE is here, and so is your ultimate book match!

Taylor Swift dropped her new album Folklore last night and not to be dramatic but we’ve had this cottagecore goodness on repeat ever since. And we have been working fast to get you your ULTIMATE Folklore book match!


Track: The No 1

Book Match: Lovely War


“But it would have been fun, if you would have been the one”

Something about the romantic eyes in which Taylor looks back at a love affair, and the possibilities of what might be before it had ended, feels like Aphrodite on trial for love during War II and as she tells Ares “In my defense, I have none.” Whether it’s Hazel and James or Aubrey and Colette, both couples have the potential to be the one.


Track: Cardigan

Book Match: Time of Our Lives


“I knew you, your heartbeat on the High Line”

Not just because the green piano in the music video really has strong cover vibes for Time of Our Lives but also the mood of knowing someone, and of them understanding you in ways you never understood. IT’S FITZ AND JUNIPER’S STORY – falling in love, unexpectedly but so very thoroughly.



Track: The Last Great American Dynasty

Book Match: Girls Save the World in this One


“She had marvelous time ruining everything”

In this song, Rebekah has a great time with her friends ruining the status quo of what she’s supposed to do, and who she’s supposed to be. We’re 99% sure there are no zombies in this Taylor Swift song but hey, if you’re going to fly your friends in from the city to party, we think June from Girls Save the World would approve!



Track: Exile

Book Match: A Reaper at the Gates


“You were my town, now I’m in exile, seein’ you out”

ELIAS as BON IVER!! It’s everything I never knew I wanted but, this song HITS SO DIFFERENTLY if you hear Bon as Elias and Taylor as Laia, and it’s A Reaper at the Gates and Elias is doing STUPID THINGS (you know he is ) and you JUST WEEP because, “you’re not my homeland anymore, so what am I defending.”



Track: My Tears Ricochet

Book Match: They Wish They Were Us


“You know I didn’t want to have to haunt you”

If Shaila was able to sing to her best friend Jill about who and how she was murdered, My Tears Ricochet would be the banger she does it with. “You turned into your worst fears” – Jill is now hanging with the Players and realizing maybe the truth isn’t what she wants it be. FELT THAT LINE.



Track: Mirrorball

Book Match: LOOK

Track6Mirrorball (1)

“I can change everything about me to fit in”

The girl who “is trying everything to keep you looking at me” is Lulu Shapiro!!! Famous to the point of social media infamy, she is trying to be everything to her followers but the world’s about to come crashing down, and maybe Lulu’s new love Cass will show her that being a mirrorball of attention isn’t the most important thing in life.



Track: Seven

Book Match: Jo & Laurie


“Sweet tea in the summer

Cross your heart, won’t tell no other”

The almost country vibe that Taylor’s giving off here, the green pastures, the sweet tea. Can you imagine Jo & Laurie in those fields?! “I used to scream ferociously anytime I wanted”, that is just something Jo is doing all summer long.



Track: August

Book Match: The Damned


“I can see us lost in the memory …’Cause you were never mine”

If you’ve read The Beautiful, then YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHY this song is Celine is Bastien’s anthem! You can feel the angst of lost love practically dripping off Taylor’s guitar cords and Bastien knows this tune all too well



Track: This Is Me Trying

Book Match: The Best Laid Plans


“And it’s hard to be at a party when I feel like an open wound

It’s hard to be anywhere these days when all I want is you.”

You know that that moment, when you realized you might be in love with your best friend, who you’ve asked to help fake date you to impress a college boy you had been interested in? No? Well Keely definitely does and This Is Me Trying is her exact moment, when she FINALLY admits to herself, Andrew is more than a life-long best friend.



Track: Illicit Affairs

Book Match: Four Dead Queens


“And you know damn well, For you I would ruin myself, A million little times”

Sure, the title alone is very on brand the fantasy mystery but the secret love affair that Taylor sings of, oh that’s a CERTAIN couple in Four Dead Queens that we won’t name. “Clandestine meetings and stolen stares” could have been this couples spin off story name…if things hadn’t ended that way, ASTRID SCHOLTE!


Track: Invisible String

Book Match: The Stars and the Blackness Between Them


“Time, curious time

Gave me no compasses, gave me no signs”

Would Mabel or Audre listen to Taylor Swift? Who knows, but the powerful love story that these girls have, is represented purely in lyrics like: All along there was some, invisible string, tying you to me. And if you’ve read this poetic novel, this line: “hell was the journey but it brought me heaven” hits you a little differently.



Track: Mad Woman

Book Match: The Kinder Poison


“Does a scorpion sting when fighting back?

They strike to kill, and you know I will”

Just the first two lines of this song SCREAM Kasta and his desperation to prove himself. And anyone who’s read it knows that “Now I breathe flames each time I talk” hits different.



Track: Epiphany

Book Match: Goddess in the Machine


“With you I serve, with you I fall down, down
Watch you breathe in, watch you breathing out, out”

You wouldn’t think it, but this haunting track about war torn strife, medical peril and serving alongside each other, is very similar to the life of Eerensed, the planet that our heroine arrives on. Zhade, our sarcastic lead is served by his best friend, Lew, who is RIDE OR DIE levels of amazing. Together with Andra, who just wants “Just one single glimpse of relief, To make some sense of what you’ve seen.”



Track: Betty

Book Match: Layoverland


“If you kiss me, will it be just like I dreamed it?

Will it patch your broken wings?”

If Caleb from Layoverland were to write Bea an apology letter for being a bit of an idiot on earth, this might be it! Because honestly, while Bea herself has some growing to do while she’s in purgatory, Caleb really is responsible for “The worst thing that I ever did, Was what I did to you.”



Track: Peace

Book Match: Seafire


“But I’m a fire and I’ll keep your brittle heart warm

If your cascade, ocean wave blues come”

Is life with Caledonia going to be easy and calm? NO! Will things with the crew of Mors Navis be smooth sailing? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Would this unit of lady pirates on the high seas live by the code: “But I would die for you in secret, The devil’s in the details, but you got a friend in me.” HELL YES THEY WOULD!



Track: Hoax

Book Match: Her Royal Highness


“Don’t want no other shade of blue but you

No other sadness in the world would do”

It’s not that I’ve googled the exact shade of blue of Her Royal Highness but, I might have. Millie and Princess Flora’s romance is banter-tastic rom-com but underneath Flora has the pain of a public life and Millie, “You knew it still hurts underneath my scars.” And Flora’s Kingdom comes undone when she learns to love Millie in return – don’t worry, we’ll be over here crying tears of joy.


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