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10 Fictional Thieves to Watch Out For


Let’s be real here: there are a lot of shady characters in the fictional worlds we like to visit. From mere pickpockets to full-fledged con artists, you have to keep your wits about you to make sure you don’t get ripped off–no matter how charming the thief may be. Check out our list of characters you need to watch your wallets around.



Aladdin is a street rat with a penchant for pickpocketing until an encounter with a genie who helps him win the princess’s heart and changes his life forever. Now imagine that the genie is a girl who has fallen in love with him herself. Talk about a conflict of interest! See how it all shakes down in Jessica Khoury’s The Forbidden Wish.



Home Alone’s wannabe notorious thieves may have their strengths when it comes to robbing houses, but escaping the tricks and traps of an eight-year-old boy certainly isn’t one of them.



How do you get more evil than a woman who wants to make a coat out of adorable puppies that she steals from a former schoolmate? You don’t.



As far as thieves go, Robin Hood has his heart in the right place. He and his Merry Men steal from the rich to give to the poor to even the playing field a bit.



Before he came to be our favorite kinetic energy-wielding member of the X-Men, Gambit was a member of the thieves’ guild–something that didn’t endear him to his fellow X-Men at first.



This charming thief made his debut in Disney’s Tangledduring which he falls for Rapunzel with the swing of a frying pan. Literally.



This badass lady is one of the only people who can give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. So you know, she’s probably not a thief you want to mess with.



Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman, is a burglar who’s not afraid to take some big risks if it’ll result in a big payout–even if it means going against Batman himself.



Trouble is a Friend of Mines leading man may not be a thief in the traditional sense–he’s more likely to “borrow” what he needs with the intention of maybe giving it back. But it’s always for a good cause! We think.


And now meet TINA from Natalie C. Anderson’s City of Saints & Thieves


After her mother’s murder, Tina spends four years on the streets of Sangui City working as a master thief for the Goondas. As the search for her mother’s murderer continues, one thing becomes clear–the more Tina sees, the less she knows.



Start reading City of Saints and Thieves here!





























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