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Melt With You: The Official Playlist

Grab your headphones and a copy of Melt With You by Jennifer Dugan, because we’ve got your reading playlist READY! Scroll down to read a bit about Melt With You and check out the playlist, curated by author Jennifer Dugan!

Hi! I’m Jenn Dugan, the author of MELT WITH YOU—a sweet and salty story about two girls whose friendship fell apart after a one night hook up a year ago. Now the pair are stuck driving an ice cream truck—and their unresolved issues—halfway across the country. It’s snarky, swoony, and there’s more than a little “roadside attraction” going on no matter how much they try to fight it.

This playlist mixes some of my favorite summer road trip songs with some tracks that Fallon and Chloe would definitely play for each other after they’ve spent the whole day bickering. It’s perfect to listen to on a drive with your windows down… or while reading MELT WITH YOU, of course 😉

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