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What To Read After Binge-Watching Your Latest Netflix Obsession

If you’ve already watched and rewatched all your favorite Netflix shows, we’ve got the stories you need to fill the hole they left behind! The Netflix algorithm’s got nothing on Penguin Teen book recs — read on to find emotional family dramas, epic romances, hilarious coming-of-age stories, and a few bonus 2021 releases for your TBR.



Bridgerton — The Stars and the Blackness Between Us by Junauda Petrus



If you love Bridgerton’s wonderfully diverse and soapy love stories, we know you’ll love Audre and Mabel’s epic romance! Although prejudice is not the least of the challenges that stand in their way, their love for their families and for each other will sweep you off your feet.





Fate: The Winx Saga — The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff



The Replacement is the perfect way to get more of your darker faerie fix! Mackie’s always known he’s a changeling replacement for his parents’ son, but little does he know even more dangerous creatures are coming for him. We definitely had to keep the lights on for his eerie adventures in the otherworldly House of Mayhem.




Julie & the Phantoms — Super Fake Love Song by David Yoon



We’re still jamming to the songs from Julie & the Phantoms, and if you want more, Super Fake Love Song features a rock band that’s also not quite what it seems – because Sunny made it up to impress a girl. But now that he’s dressing the part and performing with his best friends, will his lies catch up to him, or can he come clean and embrace his newfound confidence?



Tiny Pretty Things — Every Body Looking by Candice Iloh



Secrets abound in the Netflix show about dance students, and dance is a key part of Ada’s coming-of-age in Every Body Looking. As she learns more about the world of dance and explores her sexuality, Ada must claim full ownership of her body and her future. We love Candice Iloh’s writing, and you’ll cheer for Ada as she makes her own destiny.



Stranger Things — The Shadow War by Lindsay Smith



If you love the Stranger Things kids’ adventures fighting the monsters of the Upside Down, The Shadow War is the perfect follow-up! Five teens race against time, war, and enemies in this world and the shadow realm in a page-turning suspense set during World War II.



Bling Empire — From Little Tokyo, With Love by Sarah Kuhn (coming May 11, 2021)



Bling Empire is a larger than life story of the rich and famous in L.A., and like Kevin from Bling Empire, Rika is searching for her birth parents when she accidentally gets swept up in the life of the movie star who might be her mother. You’ll fall in love with Rika as she starts to believe in her very own happy ending.



The Great British Bake-Off — A Taste For Love by Jennifer Yen (Coming February 2, 2021)



Great British Bake-Off meets The Bachelorette in A Taste For Love, a hilarious story about baking, familial expectations, and unexpected love! When Liza agrees to help out with the annual competition at her family’s bakery, she finds out there’s a catch: all the contestants are young Asian-American men handpicked by her matchmaking mom. This delicious rom-com is a must-add for your TBR!


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