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CROWN TOWN NEWS ALERT: It’s Not Easy Being Queen (or Princess)


Although the Windsors of England and the Bairds of Scotland are usually magnets for deleterious attention, they aren’t the only royals with foibles. Their continental cousins have had their own indiscretions. The common thread: SISTER FEUDS! Herewith are some of the detrimental (and doozy!!) daughter disagreements:


Monaco: Princess Stephanie & Princess Caroline


“It’s Monaco. What do you expect? There’s a new scandal every month.”

Inside the hushed rooms of royalty


There are decades of hoo-ha to murmur about with this family. One generation of the Monegasque fam or another is usually “acting up.” But Monaco’s royal family –– lead by Princess Caroline after the death of her mother, beloved Hollywood star Grace Kelly and her father Prince Ranier  –– was truly split by a new scandal after her younger sister, Princess Stephanie, left her lover, an elephant tamer (yessssss, you read that right!) for a member of her father’s household staff (can you say “sybilandtombranson!”).

Okay, waitlisten  . .  after Steph dumped the elephant man, the princess was seen stepping out with a new man, who happened to be Daddy Prince Ranier’s chief steward –– an-n-n-n-n-nnd a married father.

In the Grimaldi palace, the upstairs-downstairs relationship wrecked havoc with royal protocol and reportedly caused massive conflict between sisters. So much so that Princess C. banned Princess S. from official functions and balls, the highlights of the French Riviera’s society calendar. Youch!

They say an elephant never forgets –– looks like Steph and Caro may have long memories too. And since the principality is only one-and-a-quarter square miles, future dustups may be in store if the two sisses ever cross paths at, say, le supermarché.


Denmark: Princess Margrethe, Princess Benedikte, and Princess Anne-Marie


Sisterhood of the Battling Dance

Three Danish Princesses –– One Throne


Born in the LEGOLand (aka Denmark) in the 1940s, the three Danish Princess sisters –– Margrethe, Benedikte, and Anne-Marie –– may have appeared as tightly interlocked as the aforementioned toy, but behind the royal curtains, being around these scandalous Scandinavians was a lot like stepping on a LEGO . . . lots of yelling!

At the time of the girls’ father’s accession to the throne, the law said that only males could claim the ruler role in Denmark. Since the sisters had no brothers, it was assumed that their uncle would be next in line after Dad.

BUT the King and his daughters were su-u-u-uper popular with the people –– and women had begun to play a more prominent role in Danish life ––  so a change to the law was enacted allowing a woman to inherit the throne.

Question: Which of the three sisters would it be? Was the eldest a shoe-in? Could Pops pick his favorite? Would the sisters need to dance around dear old dad to battle each other for the title?

Well, guess what? It went to good old Mags! In 1972 Margrethe became the first female monarch of Denmark since the 15th century. With 560 years between queens, you just know Her Majesty was going to make the most of it.

So what happened to the other gals?

  • Princess Benedikte journeyed off to live in Germany. She married a prince.
  • Princess Anne-Marie gallivanted off to Greece. She married a King.

Hmmmm . . . Guess they’re not much for “family time.”

[UPDATE: These sisters ended up being very close siblings and friends. And Denmark is in the Top 5 Happiest Places to Live. Props to Queen Margrethe!]

United Kingdom #1: Kate & Pippa (& Meghan!)


Two’s Company!

Three’s  . . . not allowed.


Jealousy is coming between sisters Kate Middleton and Pippa –– and word on the high street lays the blame with Meghan Markle.

Miz MM is joining the royal family and will become Kate’s sister in law. Everyone knows Kate is an arms-out welcoming Princess, which Meghan appreciates. It helps her fit right in.

But Pippa feels like she’s losing her best soul sistah in the new arrangement. She’s threatened and hurt –– and making her opinion known. Those who know the sisters say they have always been devoted to each other. Now they are feuding. One source says: “They used to do everything together. They talked every single day. But now Kate has Meghan under her wing and is taking great care to also show the future Princess the ropes, and Pippa feels cold shouldered.”

And, get this: Kate raves about Meghan in the press –– “William and I are absolutely thrilled!”

Remember, Pips was Kate’s maid of honor and, if memory serves, she also got a lot of attention for her fab dress and the bum “heard ‘round the internet.” Even though sista Pippa was dubbed “Her Royal Hotness,” kind Kate never minded.

But now that another soon-to-be-royal (with an equally hot bum) is filling up the space that Pippa used to occupy, will it be three’s a crowd?



United Kingdom #2: Duchess-in-waiting Eleanor & her sister Daisy (as featured in Royals)


 What the ‘Ell?’

Are They Crazy For Daisy!

BREAKING NEWS: The future Scot princess’s little sis Daisy has only been in country for a few daze and has already landed herself on the front page of the ‘bloids. Caught coming out of sexy Prince Seb’s secret den of debauchery, the Prince looks like he’s going all fifty shades of royal. Flash Bang! OOH-ER, was it a royal night out?  Daisy’s sis Ellie (ummmm, almost Duchess Eleanor) is not amused. And reliable sources tell us neither is E’s future mother-in-law . . . The Queen.


United Kingdom: The Originals, Elizabeth & Margaret


The Queen Does Not Say Yes to the Dress

Sister vs. Sister


It fairly well documented that sisters Liz and Margaret, although wildly dogged and microscopically observed their entire lives, remained loyal and loving to each other. But those two “l-words” were severely put to the test when Margaret found the love of her life but her sister forbade her from marrying him. Yep, you read that right.

Y’see, Princess Mags loved Peter (who was a captain in the Royal Air Force). He was also divorced which raised strong objections from the royal family. And as queen, Elizabeth was the supreme governor of the Church of England, which forbade divorce. And so, Elizabeth had to tell her sister it was a no-go on the nups.


It’s a long-held notion that the captain might have made an ideal husband. Princess Margaret was seen as the black sheep of her generation of royals and settling down with the love of her life could likely have taken the scotch-scented winds out of her party sails.

After Princess Margaret was denied marriage, it more or less ruined her life. And the sisters’ relationship was (obvi) never the same again.



For other word on Princess feuds through the years, check out UK Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie.

And also Elsa and Anna of Arendelle.




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