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Everyone has a favorite Sarah Dessen book. Share your rec for the chance to win the #ReadADessen sweeps!


True story: everyone has a favorite Sarah Dessen book. And if you ask them about it, they’ll be more than happy to gush about it for as long as possible. That’s why this summer we’re asking readers to spread the love by sharing their favorite Sarah Dessen novel with the world. Whether it’s because your favorite Sarah Dessen book gave you a love for reading, got you through a tough time, or changed the way you see the world – we want to know.


Enter the #ReadADessen sweepstakes!


Post a photo of your favorite Sarah Dessen novel and tell us why you love it on social with #ReadADessen! You’ll be entered for the chance to win a set of all of her books, plus her new book, Once and For All, which comes out this June!



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The Cutest Penguins that You Need in Your Life ASAP

World Penguin Day is April 25! And while you really are our favorite penguins, we found a few more to spread the love.   It me!   I got this.   His hips certainly do not lie.   Penguin Perfection.   Crew on fleek.   Where do penguins go swimming? The South Pool!   When you … Continued
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Non-Athletic Prepping for the Summer Games: The Book Lover’s Edition

The Summer 2016 Games are upon us—and what better way to prepare for the hours you’re going to spend inside your (hopefully) air conditioned home in a TV trance watching all manner of summer sports, than spending hours in your air conditioned home reading books about sports? Here are a few books to get you (and … Continued
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Top 14 Questions The 5th Wave Series Fans Have About THE LAST STAR

The Last Star is approaching faster than the speed of light, which means fans are about to face The 5th Wave series coming to an end. Some readers are nervous, most are excited – but all have questions. We took to social media to find out the top 14 questions fans of The 5th Waves series … Continued
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8 Books to Read if You’re an Outlander Fanatic

Some of us have been fans of the Outlander series for years (ahem), but with the premiere of the Outlander TV show on Starz, many new people have been inducted into the glorious kilt cult of Jamie Fraser. As we wait for season 3 this September, there’s lots more time traveling romance to come, as well as sumptuous … Continued
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Which YA Books Should the Characters of Harry Potter Read?

Like all the rest of the Muggle world, we’re in a serious Harry Potter frenzy these days. With all the excitement about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we admit we’ve been donning our wizarding hats and polishing our wands with the Potterheads of the world. Our other great love is, of course, YA books. … Continued
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6 Books to Read Before You See the Me Before You Movie

The movie adaptation of Jojo Moyes’ blockbuster novel Me Before You hits the big screen next month, and we can hardly wait! The story of Louisa, a young, quirky girl who brings color and joy back to the life of Will, who has been left almost completely paralyzed by a traumatic accident, it’s bound to … Continued
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7 Books To Read During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Penguin Teen stands with SAAM. We’re committed to helping keep the conversation going all month long. We find that books can often help us talk about difficult topics – so here are 8 books to help you start a conversation.   Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. … Continued
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Download the First 3 Books in the Falling Kingdoms Series for Under $15!

This just in: your week is about to get better in a major way. From 7/18-7/25, you can download the first three books in the Falling Kingdoms series for a total of under $15! Follow these simple steps to kick off endless hours of epic fantasy, adventure, romance, and magic!   1. Download Falling Kingdoms   2. Download Rebel Spring     3. … Continued
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11 Creepiest Lines From Books That Will Give You Chills

October 31st is practically on our doorstep, which means every day should be spent selecting Halloween candy, picking out scary movies, and cuddling up with books that will chill your blood, send shivers down your spine, and bring out the goosebumps. Read on for 11 of the creepiest lines from YA books to get you … Continued
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How to Cope With the End of The 5th Wave Series

With the release of The Last Star, The 5th Wave series has come to an end. And if you’ve turned the last page of The Last Star and suddenly don’t know what to do with yourself, you’ve come to the right place. We know a little bit about the despair you’re feeling right now because we’ve … Continued
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