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The FOUR DEAD QUEENS Countdown: Eonia!


All right all you smartypants out there, this is your week! Welcome to Week 3 the FOUR DEAD QUEENS COUNTDOWN! In honor of the queenly countdown, we’re celebrating one of the four quadrants from Four Dead Queens every week until it’s here! This week’s quadrant is EONIAa frozen land that values technological advancements, evolution, and harmony! Scroll down to for a glimpse of Eonia’s chilly landscape and a letter from its queen, Corra. And did we mention an interview with the author, Astrid Scholte?!

Scroll down to read a letter from the ruler of Eonia, Queen Corra herself!


Eonia: The frozen quadrant that values technology, evolution, and a harmonious society.

Proverb: A turbulent mind produces turbulent times. A peaceful minds heralds peace.


Eonia, and its people, welcome you.

Eonia is a culture focused on science, community and technological advancements. We work together as one quadrant to achieve peace and progress. No other quadrant is as advanced. An example of our superior technological achievements are comm chips, where you can record memories and later ingest them, reliving the moment in precise detail.

Over the millennia, Eonia has worked hard to overcome its environmental pitfalls. As the northern region, most of the land is made of snow and ice. Still, we have built a thriving modern city that ruins smooth as clockwork.

Other quadrants might accuse Eonists as being heartless, and unfeeling. But we suppress our emotions for the greater good. We have eradicated hate, fear and crime. We work together as one. Our quadrant is our heart and we protect it at all costs. We truly believe that a turbulent mind produces turbulent times. Whereas, a peaceful mind heralds peace.

The commuter is the fastest way to travel in Eonia, taking mere minutes to move thousands of miles. While most Eonists do not journey to the Concord, where the other quadrants do business, it is only a short commuter ride away from wherever you may stay in Eonia.

Eonia is one expansive city, stretching out from east to west. Travel further north and you will find only ice. Our buildings are the tallest in the nation, towering hundreds of stories. From here, you will be able to see the great views across the quadrant, including the sprawling Eonist Research Facility, where all kinds of diseases can be treated, including assessment for HIDRA—Eonia’s medical cure-all.

While visiting Eonia, we ask that you adhere by our code of conduct. Please do not cause arguments, and remain calm, logical and focused. We also ask you wear appropriate clothing; if you require, we can offer dermasuits to wear during your visit. Another Eonist technology, made of millions of microorganisms embedded in material that will maintain your body temperature with their secretions, ideal for our cold climate.

Thank you for visiting Eonia. I hope you learn to understand our way of life and that our community is a shining example of peace across the nation of Quadara.


May the queens forever rule the day. Together, yet apart.


Queen Corra


Join us next week to explore the most curious of the quadrants, Toria!


Four Dead Queens is hitting shelves February 26th! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy and upload your receipt to receive a special Quadara pin!


Unsure which quadrant you belong in? Take the quiz to find out!




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