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14 people who weren’t prepared for the Frankly in Love trailer

ICYMI the Frankly in Love trailer just dropped and it is AMAZING.

Rotating sets? Check. All the love story gone wrong feels? Check. Dreamy Frank? CHECK.

Watch the trailer below if you missed it!

But in other news, the internet most certainly did not miss it.

The internet is most certainly crazy over it.


From Twitter,







to Instagram,






to Youtube!

We are all SO. EXCITED. for the groundbreaking novel that is Frankly in Love.

Basically, it’s time to hop on the hype train, because the hype is real, and WORTH IT. Make sure to add it to your Goodreads Shelf and enter our Goodreads giveaway to win an arc!


Have you pre-ordered yet? Click here! 

New to the party? Here’s everything you need to know about Frankly in Love!


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