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5 Reasons FIREBORNE is the book your heart desperately desires

Welcome back to Joy (me, hi) Rants About Why You MUST Read Fireborne by Rosaria Munda. Like asap. Like what are you WAITING for.

In case you missed our October Book Haul here’s a picture of me judging James for not reading it yet:


Fireborne is the Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter fantasy you’re going to cuddle up with (hot beverage and warm blanket required, puppy companion optional…tissues strongly encouraged) and read it straight through. It’s intense, it’s complex, it’s rich with characters and relationships that will break you and that is just the TIP of the iceberg. Here are five (how did I even narrow it down to five?? The answer is unknown) reasons you must (MUST) put this book on your immediate TBR. Actually, screw the TBR thing, forget the list and read this book.

Okay, let’s get started.

Reasons you will love this book:


1. Hi there, non-toxic female relationships. Missed you.


In case you’re new to Fireborne altogether: there’s like a lot of competition in this book. Just in general. Who will be First Rider (of. DRAGONS.)? Who will fall in love with who? Who will Lee side with? Who will win over the EMPIRE?

This book is full of strong female characters who somehow manage to both be friends and compete in the fiercest of circumstances without tearing each other down. Big fan of that.


2. I’m obsessed with Annie and you will be too


She’s just so real. Author Rosaria Munda said she wanted to write a story for girls like her: someone who struggles with self-confidence, who occasionally cracks under pressure, who doesn’t always know what to do. Also, this quote from Rosaria is awesome:

“Think more Hermione Granger hiding from the troll than Katniss immediately volunteering – both girls are strong and smart but Hermione doesn’t jump right away. That doesn’t make her any less capable or worthy of leadership.”

Yaaas, Annie


3. Grey areas


I was pretty much morally torn apart by this book. I won’t spoil too much, but the political intrigue and battle between the old world and the new one left me questioning all the black and white moral decisions I’m used to facing in books. I’m used to thinking “oh, that’s the bad side and this is the good side.” If you think this book is letting you off that easy, you are waaaay mistaken. Fireborne deals out every side in a manner that makes you question, um, EVERYTHING. Who’s good? Who’s bad? Is everyone BOTH?


4. That romance tho


Everyone loves an enemies-to-lovers romance. But enemies to lovers…to enemies/lovers? We love that. I’m hurting inside, but we love that.


5. I needed a new, quality fantasy obsession


Game of Thrones is over. I’ve re-read Harry Potter probably more than a muggle ever should. But this book isn’t just a tourniquet for both of those things. It’s a brand new world to get addicted to with a fresh take on the magic from some of my favorite series, while being completely original on its own. All I want for Christmas is book 2 and I’m just not sure what I’m going to do about having to WAIT FOR IT.




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