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Cover Reveal: Skate for Your Life and Continuum!

Cover reveal time! We’re excited to reveal two brand new additions to the Pocket Change Collective today: Skate for Your Life by Leo Baker and Continuum by Chella Man. We’re also sharing an exclusive author Q&A for each!

Pocket Change Collective was born out of a need for space. Space to think. Space to connect. Space to be yourself. And this is your invitation to join us. To see the full series, click here. 

First up, Skate for Your Life by Leo Baker:

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Illustrator: Ashley Lukashevsky


About Skate for Your Life, coming June 1, 2021!


See the Q&A with Leo Baker below!

  • In your own words, describe Skate For Your Life?
    Skate for Your Life is my journey to self-discovery. It’s an exploration of my experience in a world that was not designed for a queer person like me to fit in, and the steps I took to make that space exist. Shedding the armor we create to survive in a world that lacks space and acceptance is a part of every queer person’s journey.
  • What was your inspiration? 
    It’s a constant that my inspiration is derived from knowing there are queer kids out there who need role models and representation. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to have such representation, something that was sparse for me when I was growing up. LGBTQ+ youth are worthy and deserving of space and love. If I can have even a small hand in the shift to greater acceptance, it will be my honor.
  • What was your reaction to the cover? 
    It makes me happy to see myself illustrated as being joyous. So much of what we have to talk about as queer folks is the pain, the struggle, and the hardships of being who we are. In a world that constantly turns us away, it’s powerful to show queer joy. And what’s even more powerful is that I have come to a place where I can live that truth.
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Pre-order Skate for Your Life here!


Next up is Continuum by Chella Man!

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Illustrator: Ashley Lukashevsky


About Continuum, coming June 1, 2021!


See the Q&A with Chella below!

  • In your own words, describe Continuum?
    As an artist who has been tokenized for my marginalized identities, I am familiar with the battle over the agency to define myself. Historical erasure and systemic oppression tried to hide the resources I needed to define myself by what I am, rather than what I am not. Negative space can only create an outline of my being, a binary glimpse, lacking complexity and life. Through my art, I hope to accessibly share my findings of the missing, key component. I refer to this missing piece as the continuum. This truly grants my figure a soul.
  • What was your inspiration? 
    Every experience of my life has led me to create this small compilation of doctrines and reflections. I am inspired by the fact that I am still here and my community’s resilience despite the prejudices we face every day. Additionally, I am inspired by storytellers. I will always believe in the power of telling your story.
  • What was your reaction to the cover? 
    Stunned. Completely. I wondered if this was how directors feel when they witness the final cuts of their films. I feel SO grateful to all the individuals who have supported me throughout this journey. I will always cherish this recollection, and I hope others will too.
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Twitter: @Chellamanart


Pre-order Continuum here!


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