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Cover Reveal: SPELLS TO FORGET US by Aislinn Brophy

Cover reveal time! A witch and a non-magical girl get stuck in a cycle of meet-cutes and break-ups in this dazzling new novel from Aislinn Brophy. Spells to Forget Us hits shelves September 17, 2024!

Scroll down to see the cover and read more. Don’t forget to preorder your copy!

Cover design by Kelley Brady; Cover illustrations by Zoë van Dijk

Luna is a powerful witch. Known for her skills and feared for her temper, she’s set to preserve her family’s legacy by becoming the head of Boston’s witch council—a job she does not want.

Aoife is a regular girl. Raised under the lens of her influencer family, she’s grown up in the public eye, trading beauty as currency. She yearns for privacy—but knows her parents would never oblige.

Aoife and Luna feel lost until they find each other and start dating. As decreed by magic law, Luna casts a spell so that, if they ever break up, Aoife will forget all about her.

Then Aoife and Luna break up. But instead of only Aoife forgetting, they both forget each other . . . until they meet again, are swept off their feet, and recover all memories of their last attempt at dating. So begins a cycle that keeps bringing Aoife and Luna together even as they push each other away. Is magic no match for a love that is fated?

Penguin Teen