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A Jane Eyre retelling that’s ACTUALLY paranormal! Kelly Creagh delivers with Strange Unearthly Things, a dark romance that will have you swooning but also reading with the lights turned on!

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A hauntingly romantic paranormal Jane Eyre reimagining, by the author of Phantom Heart!

Eighteen-year-old Jane Reye is a psychic artist. She draws what she sees, and what she sees are spirits and the supernatural. Growing up orphaned, she’s now of legal age and can no longer return to the girls’ school she’s called home for most of her life. Lost and alone after the death of her lifelong friend, she receives an invitation to partake in a study at the English manor Fairfax Hall: an investigation of the property that requires her specific area of expertise. Upon arrival, Jane understands this will be no ordinary study when she meets Elias Thornfield, the elusive master of the estate, a boy her age, roguishly handsome, who dons a mysterious eye patch. During the study it becomes clear that something is amiss—something having to do with Elias and the spiritual activity taking place around the manor. Turning to her art to unravel the mystery, she’s shocked to find that her talents—and her growing affection for Elias—could be the key to saving him from a horrible fate.

Cover design by Jessica Jenkins (Instagram), cover art by Amanda Larkins (Instagram)

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