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Listen to the official MADE OF STARS playlist from Jenna Voris!

Jenna Voris is here to share the official character playlist from our new favorite chaotic space adventure: Made of Stars, a lawless, heart-stopping tale of passion and crime will have you seeing stars.

Scroll down to read more about the book from Jenna Voris herself, and check out the character playlists to jam to while you read. (Psst, remember to grab your copy here!)

Hi, I’m Jenna, author of Made of Stars. I like to pitch this book as “Bonnie and Clyde in space.” It follows Ava and Shane, two teenage outlaws committing a series of high-stakes heists to try to save their home planet, and Cyrus, the enemy pilot tasked with hunting them down. It’s big, it’s dramatic, and I wanted a background score of music that felt the same way. I have a few playlists for this book—one general, one for each of the main characters, and one titled “Made of Stars (Taylor’s Version)” that consists entirely of Taylor Swift songs I think belong in my personal cinematic universe.

Our three POV characters are so different and I wanted their playlists to reflect their own personal journeys—mostly for my own character development purposes, but also because I think it’s fun. Ava’s is full of dark, country love songs and rock ballads that feel too big for any one particular person or situation. Cyrus’s playlist opens with brutal by Olivia Rodrigo before cycling through some of my personal favorite 2000s pop-punk bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Shane’s selection is purposefully vengeful—a healthy selection of songs for destroying all his enemies.

Hope you enjoy!




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