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A Furysong Q&A with Rosaria Munda

After *THAT ENDING* in Flamefall, we had some *ahem* questions for author Rosaria Munda.

Scroll down to read a sneak peek about what might be next for Annie and Lee in the finale to the Fireborne Series–Furysong! (SPOILER ALERT for Fireborne and Flamefall ahead!)

The Fireborne Series

Q: I finished FLAMEFALL and wow, what a cliffhanger. My heart HURTS. Why do you want to hurt us?!

A: Ha! I’m strongly a fan of ending book 2 of 3 on a prison cliffhanger. What can I say, I was raised on Lord of the Rings and Hunger Games!

Q: I love the way Annie and Lee are working towards the same goal (a better Callipolis) but in radically different ways throughout the first two books. Can we hope to have them on the same side again soon?

A: I think it is fair to say that if Flamefall’s about the way things fall apart, Furysong is about how we move forward and put them together. So… maybe 😉

Q: Dragons are my favorite part of this world. Do we get more of Aela, Pallor, and Sparker in FURYSONG?

A: Of course. But you should be warned: in this war, no one is safe… and that includes dragons. 

Q: You know what you did in FLAMEFALL. How many times am I going to feel like you punched me in the gut in FURYSONG?

A: I have it on good authority that you will feel punched in the gut at least four times. (But hopefully you’ll also laugh and say “aww” a few times too!)

Q: There are so many great side characters in these books, how did you make them all feel real while not being the main focus of the story?

A: Thank you. I’m not sure I have a good answer to that! I think where Annie, Lee, and Griff draw on elements of my personality, their friends draw on elements of friends I’ve been lucky enough to have over the years. Everyone needs a good Power in their life to shake things up!

Q: Is there more from New Pythos and the rebellion Annie and Griff are fighting to achieve?

A: I’m tempted to say, “Nah.” Jokes aside, I think you’ll be satisfied with how things go in New Pythos 🙂

Q: Will you tell us more about the history of Callipolis? I love seeing the first rebellion and how things have changed!

A: Yes! One of the things I really loved delving into in the final book was some mythological and historical context of the island… and its dragons.

Q: Will they just make out already?!?!

A: Is this from my editor? All right, all right.

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