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What’s Happening

Join Penguin Teen Trivia Night!

Joining us for Penguin Teen Trivia Night? Here’s how!

Where is it happening?

Join trivia night by clicking here!


When is it happening?

Saturday, 5/30!

What time does it start?

7PM EST/4pm PST!


Can I pick my own nickname for the game?

Sorry, the nicknames are assigned automatically. But you can refresh your browser to get a new one!

How many questions are there?

50 multiple choice questions!

How do you score points?

Players score points for correct answers AND how quickly they submit their answers!

Is there a way to see the scores?

YES! We will show the leaderboard on screen after every 10 questions. PLUS you can follow along by watching Penguin Teen on YouTube Live to see the leaderboard full-time!

How long is trivia night?

About 45 minutes of awesome.

See you there!

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