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The Ultimate Book Track Match for Midnights

It’s a TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM!! The hotly-anticipated Midnights is here, full of emotions, power moves, and classic T-Swift cryptic lyrics. And of course, so is your perfect album match up to your favorite and soon-to-be favorite YA books. Let’s get to it: it’s time for Penguin Teen’s Ultimate Midnights Track Match!

Lavender HazeSome Girls Do

This smooth opening track, about being in the perfect moment with your beloved, had us thinking Ruby and Morgan and their instant banter-y attraction. And of course, Some Girls Do’s cover is a sky FULL of Lavender Haze!

Maroon All My Rage

It’s not Juniper California, it’s New York–but the couple falling apart with the intensity of maroon, is Salahudin and Noor! The subtle rage of a lost legacy, the hollowed-eye hallways, the burn of feelings. It’s the rawness of Sal and Noor as they both try and forget who they are to each other, and what their lives together could have been.

Anti-HeroHow it Feels To Float

This upbeat hit has a downside–self-analysis, depression, haunted nightmares of lost people. Biz feels like she can’t escape herself, her grief and really is her own enemy – or anti-hero. And like Taylor, she feels like everybody agrees – she’s the problem.

Snow in the BeachAlong for the Ride

No, you didn’t misremember Sarah Dessen’s beachside classic – it doesn’t actually snow. But the late night, insomniac rides that Auden and Eli share over the town have a dreamy “feels impossible” vibe. Even Taylor sings, “This scene feels like what I once saw on a screen.”

You’re on Your Own, KidNever Vacation With Your Ex

Kaylee and Dean’s families vacationed with each other for years! Awkward that after they break-up, they have to be make it through one more vacation. Kaylee’s dumped Dean. She’s basically said, “You’re on Your Own”–but the song also matches Kaylee’s strive and determination and sacrifice as an athlete. Taylor Swift x Wibbroka = match made in heaven!

Midnight RainThe Young Elites

Okay, go with us – Adelina is a Taylor Swift song. This is her and Enzo’s relationship…sort of. Enzo wants Adelina to do things his comfortable way and be part of the daggers. Meanwhile, Adelina has changed and embraced the pain! 

Questions…? The Beautiful

I love Bastien, but we meet him in the first book in the series, and Taylor Swift calls it like it is: he’s a SAD BOY moping around with his friends over the life he leads. Followed quickly by miscommunication that DEFINITELY needs some explanations (you roll with vampires Bastien – just say it!) 

Vigilante Shit Lying in the Deep

Okay, you’ve just got to believe us – this is a certain character’s song! But explaining why is a BIG OLD SPOILER! So if you like the idea of revenge on “friends”, and of people who don’t start things, but definitely finish them – all while stuck on a boat with murder –  this book is for you!

BejeweledGoddess in the Machine

This is Andre’s theme. Under appreciated, needing to shine and beginning to find her confidence! For Andra this happens on another planet, after crashing landing and waking up late from her cryo-sleep. Then having everyone believe she’s a goddess, and being moved around for political purposes of others. 

Labyrinth Isla & the Happily Ever After

Josh has been hurt before, a brutal break up with his ex-girlfriend and his friends all leaving Paris. So even though finding and falling quickly for Isla is his future, there is a wounded fear that Josh has to deal with. Can he actually be open enough to let Isla in? Or will his fear, drag him in down?

Karma Seton Girls

The Seton Girls are coming for the system! And it’s definitely karma in the form of the determined friendship of Aly and Britt, who know the ugly secrets of the rich and privileged high-school football team. It’s going to track you down and it’s sweet like justice!

Sweet NothingHer Good Side

If you are looking for a new cinnamon roll of a book boyfriend – one who is kind, patient, caring, and wants sweet nothings for his soon-to-be girlfriend Bethany – then meet Jaob Yeun. Jacob is absolutely the person you’d coming running home to. And as Bethany’s world gets complicated with choices about basketball and friendships, he stays that perfect, swoony guy for her to the core!

MastermindMade of Stars

The touch of a hand lit the fuse, of a chain reaction of countermoves – Shane and Ava, step forward. You’ve got a song! These two space criminals are masterminds, with plans upon plans, mixed with scheming and a chaotic space crew of misfits! If only they’d admit to each other “you’re mine”…but interplanetary con-jobs just keep getting in the way! 

The Great War – Bound by Sword and Spirit

These cutting lyrics as a whole SCREAM Bound by Sword and Spirit (we can’t say much…because spoilers!!) The way the past’s haunting pains and devastating passions stay with us, and how we’re “burned for better” can’t help but remind us of Ara’s journey, and her final battle in the finale of Andrea Robertson’s Loresmith trilogy.

Bigger Than the Whole SkyThe Sky Is Everywhere

Bigger Than the Whole Sky is all about loss–and the heartbreaking grief there within, reminding us of Lennie in The Sky Is Everywhere, set adrift after the sudden death of her sister Bailey.

ParisAnna and the French Kiss

Paris is a runaway love song, and what better book to match then a Paris love story?! Anna and the French Kiss will sweep you away into Anna’s adventure through Paris and first love, all to the beat of one of our new favorite tunes.

High Infidelity Lovely War

Keeping track, love is war and weapons, burn cities to the ground…Taylor understands the battlefield of love and so does Julie Berry, in Lovely War. Why are love and war drawn to each other? Aphrodite defending passion to Hephaestus and Ares during World War II is as devastating as a Taylor bridge.

Glitch Flirting with Fate

Starry nights and a glitch that results in attraction!? Ava and Rion is this story for you? Because when Ava’s blessing from her Nana is accidentally bestowed to someone else – flirty enchanting fun ensues!

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’veEnter the Body

A man deciding a woman’s destiny? Interrupting her life and changing the direction of her future? What would’ve, could’ve, should’ve been for the fatally destined ladies of Shakespeare’s iconic plays–if they could have told their own stories.

Dear ReaderI Must Betray You

A tense, edge of your seat historical fiction that has you questioning everyone’s motives. Cristian’s “greatest luxuries are [his] secrets”. Set in 1989 Romania, amidst a crumbling communist regime that’s brutally policing their citizens, the rising rebellion better “aim for the devil, make sure [they] don’t miss.”

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