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11 Authors you really should be following on Instagram

Looking for writing tips? Sneak peeks into future books? General awesome content? There are a few authors you should definitely be following!


Ruta Sepetys

RUTA IS FINALLY ON INSTAGRAM. We love her on Twitter, but the time has come to join us on the gram, and she’s already killing it. Hop on over to @rutasepetysauthor for insider info on her amazing new book, The Fountains of Silence, hitting shelves October 1!


David Yoon

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Here’s my wall of Oscars just kidding

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Or, as his instagram handle would say it, David of the Yoon! Follow @davidoftheyoon for all things Frankly in Love, and get ready to go with him on his epic book tour getting ready to kick off! (And also he and Nicola Yoon are kind of the cutest so yeah.)



Laurie Halse Anderson

Often hailed as the Mother of YA, follow @halseanderson for your daily dose of inspiration <3

Oh, and have you read SHOUT? Because you really should.


Beth Revis

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The writing advice I hate the most is “write every day.” Not only is that not feasible for some people on a purely class level (day jobs and burn out are legit), but it also doesn’t work for every writer. It has never worked for me and it is especially isn’t working now that I’m spending half my life driving and the other half at the hospital. But one thing I keep in mind always is that writing isn’t just the words on the page. Writing is also *thinking*. And yes, this is me giving you permission to stare at the wall if you need to. Writing is also living. You can’t create from nothing; a life well-lived is what gives you stories. Don’t begrudge yourself time. The words are essential; the words will come. For right now, go hug someone you love.

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Beth knows her way around YA, and even better, she shares! Follow @bethrevis for invaluable advice on your writing journey (she also has great book recs!!) Make sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming new novel, Bid My Soul Farewell!


Kat Cho

Obsessed with Wicked Fox? Us too. Follow author @katjcho for reposts of amazing fan art, Wicked Fox grams, and general author journey stuff!


Akilah Hughes

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I can get down but I can’t get back up

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Okay, you’re probably already following her. She’s awesome, not to mention hilarious. But for real, if you aren’t, make sure to follow @akilahh for whenever you need to laugh.

Make sure to check out her laugh-out-loud memoir Obviouslycoming September 24!


Isabel Sterling

Debut author Isabel Sterling is GOIN’ PLACES. After These Witches Don’t Burn made its very witchy splash all over bookstagram, Isabel has started sharing her insight on the writing process and sneak peeks of Book 2! Head over to @isa_sterling for all this, + adorable cat photos.


Arvin Ahmadi

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Got to hang with this dude and rock a silly tiger sweatshirt last night. Oh, and this book I wrote. That was a thing too.

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Arvin is just really cool and tbh he always seems to be having a good time, and he wrote Girl Gone Viral! Also his bio is “Will write books for potato chips.” 10/10 would follow @arvinahmadi.


Austin & Emily

Okay so here’s the thing: they are one of the cutest YA couple out there and they just got married and basically follow them for both writery things and adorable YA couple goals things at @austin_b and @wibbs_ink. And if you’re looking for more cuteness, check out their new novel If I’m Being Honest!



Amanda Joy

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ARCs are here! [and I’m giving one away! Read to the bottom for details!] I cannot get over all the gorgeousness and just being able to hold my book baby! Yesterday I went to Career Day at the school where I taught and so many kids asked me how long I’d been working on this book. When I told them I began writing it in 2013, they all just about fell out of their chairs But seriously it has been a long time coming and I’m just trying to lean into all the happiness. More often than not, I fail at celebrating my successes and all the milestones of debut year, so I’m trying to treat myself when I can. For example: I sent off my pass pages notes this morning and now I’m about to read Unhoneymooners, because I deserve it! And it pairs well with champagne —————————————— So of course now that ARCs are here, I have to do a GIVEAWAY! All you need to do to enter is: • like this post • make sure you’re following me • and tag two friends in the comments who might be interested in entering! • You can also add A RIVER OF ROYAL BLOOD on Goodreads for an extra entry. Simply DM me a screenshot or share your GR username so I can double check. Even if I don’t reply, I will count your entry! • This giveaway is unfortunately US/CA only, but I promises I’ll have an international giveaway soon! Giveaway ends 4/15 • • • • • • • #bookstagram # #bibliophile #bookstack #bookstafeature #bookstagramfeature #influencer #bookishglee #bookish #yalovin #yaauthor #ariverofroyalblood #amandajoy #igreads

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Amanda’s debut A River of Royal Blood is hitting shelves this October, but before she was an author, she was a different type of writer, and no stranger to the book community as a book blogger! Make sure to follow @amandajoywrites for great author content AND general bookish community goodness!


Tochi Onyebuchi

Aside from the fact that he wrote War Girlsthe futuristic-fantasy-sci-fi book of your DREAMS, Tochi is just awesome. Follow him at @treize64!







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