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The FOUR DEAD QUEENS Countdown: Toria!

So…Four Dead Queens comes out TOMORROW.

SO welcome to the FINALE of the FOUR DEAD QUEENS COUNTDOWN! As you know, we’ve been celebrating one of the four quadrants from Four Dead Queens every week until it’s here and now we are DOWN TO THE WIRE! Last but definitely not least, is TORIAthe trade quadrant that values curiosity and resourcefulness. Scroll down to for a glimpse of Toria and a letter from its queen, Marguerite! (PLUS an exclusive interview with Astrid Scholte!)

Scroll down to read a letter from the ruler of Toria, Queen Marguerite herself!


Toria: The coastal quadrant that values commerce, curiosity and exploration.

Proverb: Know everything, and you shall know all.


Toria, the burgeoning industrial heart of Quadara, welcomes you to its salty shores, thriving businesses and bustling harbor.

As queen of Toria, it’s my duty to ensure that Quadara continues to run as one nation, even though it’s split into four distinct regions. Toria acts as the bridge between the regions: importing resources from Archia, trading goods from Ludia, and acting as the connection to Eonia.

Torians are a naturally inquisitive society of businessmen and women, reporters, traders, sailors, explorers and capitalists. While we cannot match the technological wonders of Eonia, we have electricity and hot running water. We’re careful not to overuse our limited natural resources and continue to use horse drawn carriages as our main mode of transportation.

The quadrant is split into two main sectors: the city of Central Toria and its surrounding suburbs, and the harbor and its associated businesses. While, as a Torian, I can understand the desire to explore all our quadrant has to offer, I would advise against journeying to the Jetée district, located at the end of the pier. The sordid businesses there are a blight on Torian society and I will do everything in my power to ensure the Jetée does not survive into the new year. I would expressly advise against visiting the Auction House. The building is unstable and should be condemned, along with everyone who does “business” there.

Instead, I would suggest boarding a ship to embark on a journey around the perimeter of the entire nation. The Torian harbor is the only access to the southern seas, and to the neighboring isle of Archia, which is bursting with natural splendor.

And I recommend that you don’t only visit Toria; Quadara has many wonders to uncover. It is a nation full of varied culture and every quadrant has its own beauty. After all, know everything, and you shall know all, is a favored Torian saying.

And I do hope you’ll also come to the palace to visit, where everyone is welcome to meet the queens.


May the queens forever rule the day. Together, yet apart.


Queen Marguerite




Four Dead Queens is hitting shelves February 26th, TOMORROW! 

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