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7 Pop Culture Evils You May Have Experienced Recently

We’ve had evil on our mind ever since The Rose Society came out and we think it’s getting to us because we’re starting to see evil everywhere. Read on for our recent rankings of the darkness that surrounds all of us…


Matt Bellassai: 5% Evil


source: buzzfeed

In the fabulous short video series “Whine About It,” Buzzfeed writer Matt Bellassai gets inebriated at work and complains about awful couples, things people should do in private, the worst types of friends, and why parties are terrible. He’s basically right about everything and just a smidge evil.


Brunch: 12% Evil


source: giphy

No one wants to admit it, but brunch is kind of evil. From picking a place in advance that may or may not take reservations to forming your brunch squad and picking a time (any time before noon is straight up wicked), brunch can too easily turn sour. It’s also evil for us to show you this gif on a day that isn’t Sunday.


Basically everyone on Orange is the New Black: 20% Evil


Originally posted by natashalyonneblog

What is amazing about OITNB is that everyone is kiiiiind of terrible (looking at you, Piper) and yet in this terribleness is some of the best humor on TV. Just when you think you know how much someone sucks, they’ll do something super sweet. And vice versa.


Clint and JJ from The Bachelorette: 32% Evil


source: giphy

These bros were insufferable on their episodes of this season of The Bachelorette. They were weirdly obsessed with each other in the way that only guys who went to business school understand, and they tried to make “villains gotta vill” happen. It’s not going to happen.


Helena from Orphan Black: 50% Evil


Originally posted by modelcitizenthespian

Helena is the ultimate monster, villain, hero, and source of comedy on a tv show where one super human plays almost every character. In the span of the show, Helena will start out giving you nightmares and withstand certain death half a dozen times, only to have you totally root for her as she gruesomely punishes her captors and slays anyone who threaten her sestras.


Adelina from The Young Elites: 74% Evil


What’s so great about Adelina is that she really embraces her evil side. That’s where her power is strongest, and she owns it.


Ramsay Bolton: 100% Evil


Originally posted by caitidh

There is no one else who should top this list. This spot is yours, evil scum.



Want to get in touch with your own dark side? Start reading The Young Elites!



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