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New School Year, New Book Boyfriend

First day outfit? Check. Pencils? Check. New book boyfriend to gush to your friends about? Double check. Open up your backpack and read on for the most crushable fictional bachelors we met this summer!


Elias from An Ember in the Ashes

First date: sneaking out under the cover of darkness to a festival where you dance under the stars.

*Warning: you may want to reconsider once you meet your future mother-in-law.


Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn

First date: a flirtatious archery competition followed by telling endless stories until dawn.

*Note: make sure your story is really, really good. Otherwise he may have to have you executed.


Farrell from A Book of Spirits and Thieves

First date: lattes at a cafe in Toronto followed by an afternoon dodging evil-doers in ancient Mytica.


Mac from Saint Anything

First date: he teaches you how to make homemade pizza at his family’s restaurant then presents you with a mega-sized bag of root beer lollipops…and doesn’t judge when you eat all of them.


Tiny Cooper from Hold Me Closer

First date: spontaneously joining a flag football game, and then spontaneously joining a musical in the park – both of which he’s probably better at than you are.


Digby from Trouble is a Friend of Mine

First date: will be a surprise, but you can assume it will involve breaking and entering and potentially a giant bear suit.


Tim Mason from The Boy Most Likely To

First date: might involve dealing with some of his baggage, and your family might be hanging around…but he’ll still charm your socks off.


Still not satisfied?  Here are 6 more book boyfriends you can read about/long for.

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