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13 Reasons We Love Our Authors

So we’ve been thinking… our authors are pretty flipping great. And what better time to share all the ways in which we love them than National Authors Day? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite authors’ posts, funny and sweet, to share why they’re just the best.



They have faith, and take the leap—for us.


They have the best comebacks.


They stay in on a Saturday night for us. (Sabaa, just go with it.)


They keep it real.


They face their fears for us.


They make their dreams into books we can hold in our hands (or our e-readers, depending on your jam)


They don’t forget their mentors.

Me with my mentor and hero, Lee Smith.

A photo posted by Sarah Dessen (@sdessen) on


They tell it like it is.


They ask the important questions.


They geek out, too.


They are inspirational.


They love their fans.


They’re readers first, just like us.








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