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The 8 Books Your Bookstagram Needs this Fall

Whether you’re snapping away with the iPhone XS or hipster-ing your way through life with a polaroid camera (kidding but you get the gist), every reader tries their hand at bookstagramming at some point. And we love it! So, we’ve gathered a few of our recent fav photos on bookstagram to round up a few autumn-y covers that are worthy of a spot in your fall posting schedule.


Bid My Soul Farewell by Beth Revis

This book has autumn colors down to an ART.


As Many Nows as I Can Get by Shana Youngdahl 

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#amreading with #YAhypeWoman⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Tomorrow is new release day, who knew Tuesday’s would become my fav day?! What books are you excited about tomorrow?⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy of As Many Nows A I Can Get by @shanayoungdahl I’ve literally only read the synopsis and the first page (which is only 1 chapter) and my Monday is completely focused on getting home to continue reading it tonight. I’m so ready to jump in. Thanks @penguinteen you guys are the best!⠀ ******Synopsis******⠀ In one impulsive moment the summer before they leave for college, overachievers Scarlett and David plunge into an irresistible swirl of romance, particle physics, and questionable decisions. Told in non-linear, vivid first-person chapters, As Many Nows As I Can Get is the story of a grounded girl who’s pulled into a lightning-strike romance with an electric-charged boy, and the enormity of the aftermath. Cerebral, accessible, bold, and unconventionally romantic, this is a powerful debut about grief, guilt, and reconciling who you think you need to be with the person you’ve been all along.⠀ 

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Not only does this book make for amazing fall photos, it’s also the perfect rainy day read to sob over during those stormy November days.


All the Bad Apples by Möira Fowley-Doyle

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Who is an underrated author you enjoy? • • • Happy Wednesday friends! I’ve had this photo in my phone since the beginning of the month and I’m so happy to finally post it. I started this book and I’m loving it. I’m not a huge fan of people on the cover but this one is stunning. • • • This is one of my most anticipated books this summer, if you haven’t read anything by @moirawithatrema I highly suggest you pick up one of her books! Or this one when it’s out in August 😍🖤. • • • QOTD: who is an underrated author you enjoy? • • • #BookRavensJuly19 – fireflies: wickwednesday • #TinyLoveJuly19 – elaborate or simple cover • #AllTheBooksJuly19 – waiting on Wednesday • • • #bibliophile #bookphoto #bookpile #bookobsessed #booknerdigan #bookhoarder #bookdragon #bookcommunity #bookaesthetic #bookstagram #yabooks #yabookstagram #allthebadapples #moirafowleydoyle #bookflatlay #booksandcoffee #bookish#booksbooksbooks #penguinteen

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Or should we say FALL the Bad Apples hahaha


Steel Tide by Natalie C. Parker

(Best read and photographed on a cold, windy beach as the breeze dramatically blows your hair back and you gaze into the waves.)



Obviously by Akilah Hughes

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For when you need a spark of bright green after all the leaves have turned into crunchy-looking targets to stomp on on the sidewalk.


Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera

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Happy Monday! A little book review to start the week 🌈 I almost never love YA, but this book is magic. I adore almost everything about it. 🌻 Juliet is one of the greatest characters I’ve ever read. Reading her story, her voice, felt healing for my younger queer self who was definitely not out and couldn’t see a future for myself that involved self confidence or community. But beyond that, this book resonates so deeply with the extremely messy, complicated reality of navigating feminism and social justice in a white supremacist culture. Juliet’s journey with this is so honest and beautiful, and Gabby Rivera writes the BEST complicated characters (and also captures Portland so freaking well), from the protagonist to the white feminist icon writer she’s interning with to the QPOC community she finds to her wonderful librarian love interest to her parents, brother, aunts and cousin. Juliet’s relationship with her cousin Ava was a highlight among highlights of this book for me; it reminded me of my own relationship with my cousin (hi @char0316 😉). 🌻 One of the greatest strengths of this book for me is that Juliet is her own person. She loves hard & is loved, and she has this great summer thing with the girl of her dreams (the Perfect Love Interest is a trope of YA that normally annoys me but I was hella into this one). But her journey is not about romantic partners so much as about becoming herself: being a total book nerd (can relate); learning about her Puerto Rican heritage; being brave in the face of her fears; learning about the world & about complex ideas, what her values are, and how to live those values in the context of her self, family, and the world. Also, she feels all kinds of emotions and has a lot of love for her body, both of which are extremely appealing and refreshing aspects of her story/character. 🌻 I really can’t say enough good things about this book. These are just a few of the threads of this wonderful novel. I loved every page of it. I feel lucky to have read it and been in the presence of Juliet’s radiant heart and voice. I couldn’t recommend it more. Thanks for the ARC @penguinteen! Opinions are my own. Drops 9/17🌈📚#bookstagram

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This yellow cover tho.


Frankly in Love by David Yoon

In all fairness the blue-sprayed edges the first printing will have will probs look good in any season.


How It Feels to Float by Helena Fox

Just make sure you get some red and orange tabs for when you inevitably start bookmarking and highlighting your favorite lines because there will be a lot of them.








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