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Romina Russell Sorts the 13 Reasons Why Characters Into Zodiac Houses

Romina Russell, our resident Zodai and master sorter, is just as obsessed with Thirteen Reasons Why as we are. (Stars, they’re just like us!) So, after bingeing the entire Netflix series, she was inspired to sort the characters into Zodiac houses. Read on to see where each character ended up!


House Aries, MILITARY: Marcus Cole, a natural leader who’s used to being in charge and always plays to win—whatever it takes.


House Taurus, INDUSTRY: Justin Foley, a team player who at times can get stubbornly set on his own personal path—even if it ends in self-destruction.  


House Gemini, IMAGINATION: Tyler Down, a clever troublemaker who’s always on the outside looking in because he can’t reconcile his bad decisions with his good intentions—so he’s left an outcast.   


House Cancer, NURTURE: Clay Jensen, a compassionate friend who feels things so deeply that he sometimes protects himself by pressing down on his emotions and pretending they’re not there—but nothing stays buried forever.


House Leo, PASSION: Jessica Davis, the life of the party and a person so vibrant and alive that others constantly want to be in her orbit and soak up her energy—but her light is so bright that at times it blinds her to the needs of those around her. 


House Virgo, SUSTENANCE: Courtney Crimson, a pragmatic perfectionist who is so meticulous and put-together that she could never admit to being wrong about anything to anyone—especially herself. 


House Libra, JUSTICE: Zach Dempsey, a charming flirt who’s more perceptive than he appears and spends more time reading the people around him than revealing anything about himself—so he’s exceedingly protective about his secrets and will lash out if they’re threatened. 


House Scorpio, INNOVATION: Ryan Shaver, a creative, critical innovator who can only live according to his own personal code, no exceptions—not even to spare a friend’s feelings.


House Sagittarius, CURIOSITY: Hannah Baker, a truth-seeking, social creature who wants to have fun and make new friends and forge unforgettable experiences—like a flower, she chases the sunlight of friendship because she knows she’ll wilt in the shadow of loneliness. 


House Capricorn, WISDOM: Tony Padilla, a student of history who respects the power of memory, he understands that any wisdom worth gaining must be sought with patience—and that means being a good friend sometimes requires saying what others don’t want to hear.   


House Aquarius, PHILOSOPHY: Sherri/Jenny Kurtz, a vivacious dreamer who is a perpetual optimist and longs to have a positive impact on the world around her—but when she stumbles, she justifies it by convincing herself that the end will outweigh the means. 


House Pisces, SPIRITUALITY: Alex Standall, a sensitive soul who keeps so much of himself bottled up in his quest to help others that sometimes his emotions strike out in unexpected ways, hurting those around him—but when that happens, the person who hurts most is him.


House Ophiuchus, UNITY: Bryce Walker, an ambitious and magnetic figure who inspires dread and fear, the kind of monster most people are afraid to face—often, defeating an Ophiuchan calls for a hero from House Cancer.



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