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Texts from YA: Relationship Advice Edition Part 2

It’s less than one week till Valentine’s Day and we’re back with more advice to make February 14th go smoothly WHATEVER your romantic situation:

When you can’t believe you’ve fallen for your worst enemy:

Or you’ve suddenly gotten powers and become one in a line of ancient guardians sent to protect the guy who’s annoyed you your whole life like in Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins.

When you can’t seem to tell if they’re joking or not…

Or the girl you’re into is the odd, mysterious girl who lives next door and she’s waydifferent than the last girl you were in love with, like in Wink Poppy Midnight by by April Tucholke.



When you accidentally text the wrong guy back:

Or you find out that 12 secret and powerful families rule the world and now your social circle is pretty much the guy who might help you save the world and the one you’re falling in love with like in The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall.


Thanks to authors Maggie Hall, April Tucholke, and Rachel Hawkins for giving us infinite wisdom by writing these texts!

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