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There is more Warcross fan-art to blow your mind

It has been less than a year since Warcross hit the shelves and readers cannot stop raving about it. Marie Lu mentioned in a recent interview that she is “fascinated by young people who do extraordinary things,” and we are too.

So today we’re showcasing just a few of our favorite extraordinary fan-art works of Emika Chen and Hideo Tanaka. And don’t forget, if you’re out there creating your own Warcross fan-art, be sure to tag Penguin Teen so we can marvel at it!


Emika Chen from the book Warcross by Marie Lu • • • • #emikachen #warcross

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This is the face of a mastermind!


So soft and subtle, loving it.




*hacker voice* i’m in

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So pretty and simple!


Love the almost punk vibe and street scape background


Fanart inspired by “Warcross” by Marie Lu

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Plotting on her next move


Who gave you permission to be so beautiful Hideo?!

Penguin Teen