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11 Pictures of The Young Elites Series That Prove Books Can Be Supermodels Too

Nothing is more satisfying than when an amazing book has a cover that matches its epicness. One of our favorite examples is The Young Elites series by Marie Lu: it’s dramatic, dark, and totally absorbing – and so are the covers. We think the striking covers of The Young Elites and The Rose Society capture perfectly heroine Adelina’s descent into villainy. See what we mean with these 11 gorgeous pictures of The Young Elites series that will leave you awestruck!


i finished this last week but ah!! it was just so good – – #theyoungelites #books #reading #bookstagram #therosesociety #marielu

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This book was born to be out in the wild. Storm clouds on storm clouds gives us that chilling Adelina feeling.

Oh yeah – this is totally your angle. Work it.

Clean, crisp, and dramatic = just right.

Can this please be framed right now.

One word: DAMN. The Rose Society blew me away, it was probably the most darkly written book I have ever read but the writing was riveting and the characters *cough* Magiano *cough* were FREAKING AMAZING. I am sorry I could not contain my love for Magiano and Adelina (dont forget Enzo) . I can honestly say I have never read anything like The Young Elites/ The Rose Society, they are so uniquely written and @marieluthewriter did an fantastic job making me fall in love with the story and each character…even Teren Santaro aka Mr. Tall, Dark, and Scary. And I for one can not wait until The Midnight Star comes out. Please if you have not read The Young Elites HOP ON THIS TRAIN RIGHT NOW, no regrets. Okay? Okay. (Haha you see what I did there ) . ||#bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #igreads #booksoutofdoors #bookaddict #bibliophile #booklover #theyoungelites #therosesociety #marielu #ireadya #vscobooks #currentlyreading

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We’re definitely wondering how this angle was pulled off…but we totally love it.

Clearly blue is your color.

The camera loves you.

The sign of true beauty: kills it in close ups.

All it needs is a white background to show its true colors.

Love how vivid they look. Also those grapes look like the perfect luscious treat to snack on while reading about Adelina’s adventures – just saying.

How amazing does the cover of The Midnight Star look next to the first two books? The final book comes out on 10/11, and you can preorder your copy here!


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