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15 Reactions To REBEL OF THE SANDS That Are Better Than Perfect

Watch out YA world – there’s a new gun-slinging, audacious heroine on our hands in Alwyn Hamilton’s new release, Rebel of the Sands. We checked in on Twitter to see what readers thought about Amani and her adventures in Miraji – and it turns out we’re not the only ones in love. Read on for 15 of our favorite reactions to Rebel of the Sands (and our reactions to those reactions…#inception):


Is there anything more beautiful than falling in love with a book that your friend recommended you?

True: there is a lot of sand in this book, and the desert setting is awesome.

Motion to eliminate sleeping from the list of basic human needs?

It’s ok to cry at perfection. In fact, we encourage it.

It’s just that good. Also you got this Lauren!!

Amani and Jin = #goals.

Where’s the award for best book dedication?

Step 1 after finishing this book: recruit friends to obsess with you.

Also your mom.

Yeah, sequel anticipation sets in pretty early on once you open this book. And definitely kicks in when you meet the Buraqi!


Wait…this is one of the saddest things we’ve ever seen. Fear not, Maddy, the sequel will be here before you know it!


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